2016 is her rookie year


Kristin Bacon, 42, was born in Youngstown, Ohio, and resided in various parts until 1997 when she graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in Physical Therapy. In early 1999, after a phone interview with Providence Children’s Hospital, Kristin was offered a job in Alaska. Seeking a chance to work in a hospital setting with children, and intrigued by the unknowns Alaska had to offer, Kristin decided to make the move. Not only did the children’s hospital provide an excellent opportunity to grow professionally, Kristin met a mentoring doctor who introduced her to his sled dog team. Kristin began helping at his kennel annually for several weeks while he and his wife traveled to Kauai.

In 2005, Kristin began volunteering at the Skwentna checkpoint during the Iditarod. Now that she has her own team, she is focused on preparing herself and her dogs to run the Iditarod. Originally, Kristin hoped to qualify to run in 2014. Due to poor winter conditions for her first two race seasons, which caused several qualifying races to be cancelled, the steep learning curve encountered to become competent at training/racing sled dogs, plus the challenge of being the sole financial provider for her kennel, it took longer than expected to be prepared. Kristin is now excited to run Iditarod in 2016.

When she isn’t training for races, Kristin really enjoys sharing the dogs with the community during events like Ikidarod (free dog sled rides for kids with special needs), Aurora Dog Mushing events (Junior and Business person races, vaccination clinics, etc) as well as doing adapted mushing activities with her pediatric clients at Bacon’s acres.

Kristin also continues to work as a pediatric physical therapist servicing families in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley and remote Alaskan school districts. She is the secretary of the Aurora Dog Mushers and in her free time enjoys photography, international travel, gardening and learning to surf.


2016 is her rookie year



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