2015 was her rookie year finishing 57th.


Becca Moore, 44, was born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in Berlin. She went to Colorado State University where she earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Management in 1997. After graduation, she worked for the Army Corps of Engineers in Washington. She started coming to Alaska in 1999 and worked for the Sitka Ranger District. She has been self-employed for the last eight years. She began mushing in 2000, and while working as a handler in 2003, she started thinking about running Iditarod. She finished the Yukon Quest in 2009. Becca says, “ I’ve always enjoyed adventure. During high school I loved kayaking, backpacking, and back country skiing with friends. During college I spent my free time telemarking, snowboarding, and racing bikes. After college my work with the Forest Service, NOAA and HDR took me to many remote and exciting places in Alaska. Now, the adventure continues with my husband, kids and 49 dogs living off-grid on a homestead parcel in our solar powered home. Our kids, Ava, 8 and Banyan, 4, are completely involved with all aspects of the kennel, from taking care of puppies, to hopping in the sled to go on a long run with us, to running their own races! One of my personal interests is promoting healthy activities for kids. It is of the utmost importance that kids get exercise and healthy foods! I will be volunteering with outdoor activity groups for kids, sharing my experiences with young people at the children’s’ hospitals and mentoring kids to pursue sports and healthy choices. I’m looking forward to sharing the adventures of Iditarod with my amazing sled dogs. There will be some hardened veterans, young dogs and dogs new to our kennel in the training line-up. Ava and Banyan will be hard at work helping to raise our puppies! I’m thankful for my family, friends and sponsors that make it possible for me to race this year!” Becca says she enjoys skiing and cycling in her spare time.


2016 is her rookie year



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