2014 rookie year finished 48. Finished 49 in 2015 


“I grew up in Willow, AK, surrounded by dogs and loving winter,” says 28 year old Lisbet Norris. “After high school, I moved to Fairbanks to attend university. At UAF, I cultivated a love for the North. I studied in Norway and Baffin Island and worked as a musher and expedition guide. I received my BA in Northern Studies and History from UAF in 2011 and decided then to pursue a long-held dream: distance mushing. I returned to Northern Norway that summer and spent the fall and winter training and racing dogs in the Alta area. In 2012, I came back to Alaska convinced that dog life was the life for me. Distance musher offers what I love most:: time in nature and time with dogs. In 2014, I completed my rookie Iditarod with a team of Siberian Huskies from the family kennel: Alaskan Kennels, the oldest Siberian husky kennel in the world. I am excited to again field a team of AKC registered Siberian Huskies in the 2016 Iditarod. Thanks & love to my many friends and supporters.” Lisbet is a member of the Aurora Dog Mushers Club and the Willow Dog Mushers Association.


2014 rookie year finished 48. Finished 49 in 2015

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