Race Series: Grand Am Cup, ST Class, pro racing in a Mazda RX8- for Roar Racing

Introduction: For Susan, racing became a dream at age 17 when her dad bought her a Corvair Monza convertible, four on the floor. The dream was put aside until at age 56, she attended a racing school. Everyone asked her if she was afraid to drive. She replied "Yes I am afraid I will get hooked." She did, and has raced at every opportunity since June, 2002.

Susan began in open wheel racing, and in 2005, she won 4th in the Skip Barber Southern Regional Masters Championship, and 11th in the Overall Championship. She is the first woman to not only race a Masters Regional Championship Race, but also to win a First Place at Summit Point. She raced SCCA and NASA events also where she won First Place in a Formula SCCA race, and two third place Finishes in a Renault Spec Racer. She has now moved to a sports car with the Mazda RX8.

Current Season: This season, Susan is racing in the Grand Am Cup series driving for Roar Racing in the team’s No. 26 Performance Coaching Mazda RX-8. Susan is being sponsored by her company, Performance Coaching, where she and her husband help clients "Find the Zone" in whatever they want to achieve.

She saved the day at her debut in Daytona in January when she and her crew chief refused to give up when the RX-8 was disabled early in the race. Working feverishly in the garage with much prayer and a lot of heart they restarted the car; and although 11 laps down, she nursed it through another 25 laps to bring it under the checker.

Racing Goals: Susan wants to race as long as she can, but her goal is just to experience the sheer joy of doing it. When asked what she loves most about motorsports, Susan smiled and commented, “I just want to go like the wind! I love racing and the feeling I have every time I strap into the seat.”

Personal: Susan has lived a multifaceted life. Using her B.A. in Art, she enjoys architecture, interior design, and photography. With her Ph.D. in Behavioral Science, she practices counseling with her husband of 27 years. She also enjoys working with Performance Coaching to help individuals achieve their goals in athletics, academics, and life. While Susan takes what she does very seriously, she does not take herself too seriously. Her smile and laughter are infectious to those around her.

Special thanks to Ray, her lifetime hero and partner; Roar Racing and its founder, Nick Gurucharri, for the opportunity to race and for providing construction, preparation, and trackside support; Performance Coaching for sponsorship, and mostly God, for life and health and fulfilling a dream.

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