Amber will be driving the Nissan GT-R Safety Car in of the V8 Supercar Championship - Gold Coast Super GP & Bahrain emain in 2009 plus .ROund 6 WInton where she will be driving in the aPorschaPart 944.


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Status: Single
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
Interests: Fitness, Travel, Flying, Horseriding, Skiing and Scuba Diving
Occupation/s: Racing Car Driver and Lawyer
Likes: Fast cars & fast aircraft- The new Nissan GTR & the P51D Mustang
Dislikes: Cars that break down, slow cars and pedal power
Quotes to live by: “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it”

Amber Anderson speaks to Simone Thurtell on ABC’s Grandstand Active- podcast listen now!
Throw a challenge the way of the multi-talented Amber Anderson and it is more than likely that it will get met.

If being a lawyer and a qualified aircraft pilot is not a busy enough schedule, Anderson has also embarked on a career in the male-dominated arena of motor racing, a pursuit she is intent on conquering.

Click here to download the latest edition of the GA podcast, featuring host Simone Thurtell’s chat with Anderson, or listen below:

Amber Anderson 5th in the Porsche at Bathurst!
Female driver Amber Anderson put critics to rest with a superb performance at Bathurst over the weekend of 20-22 February 2009 at Mt Panorama, Bathurst.

The 5th place was sweet success for Anderson returning from her stint in the USA to compete again in her own Porsche 944 Challenge Car. ”It’s great to be back! I was keen to see how I would perform after such a huge absence- the last time I drove this car was in March 2008?.

Putting the car back together after numerous engine issues and unsuccessful rebuilds in the previous season was an enormous job which couldn’t have completed without the expertise of leading GT Championship Team, Jocaro Motorsport- “the boys put in a massive effort in the short time available and we’re here- that’s all that matters”.

Amber later grinned “Seriously, this car had some serious issues last season- disappointingly we couldn’t find the gremlins in the car and we suffered to engine detonations in 2 race meetings in 2008- so I was almost expecting the same thing to happen again here..thankfully it all held together!”.

Excited to be back at the Mt Panorama circuit again after an absence of 2 years- Amber said she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face “I just love this place- coming over Skyline, through The Dipper and the Esses- that has to be the best part of the circuit; it’s what makes you want to be a racecar driver- if you could see me face through my helmet, I was just all smiles- awesome!”.

Anderson said that competing with a field of around 28 men didn’t faze her at all “oh, no- I think that they are fairly accepting of me now- I’ve only raced against men for several years, it honestly isn’t something that even crosses my mind. I just do the best that I can out there”.

Anderson’s last stint at the 2007 Bathurst 12 Hour in the all-female team Thrifty Celica is completely different to the rear-wheel drive, left-hand drive Porsche that she was driving this year, “I found I adapted back to the track fairly quickly- there are definitely some marked differences between the Celica and the Porsche and it was interesting to revisit my track maps from 2007 and note the differences- and the similarities between them. I pride myself on trying to adapt quickly to a car and I think that I managed this quite well this time around”.

So with a 5th place tucked under her arm going into the 2009 Porsche Challenge season, Amber is looking to the future- “I’m ready to step up to the next challenge, I’m in talks with Grand Am teams in the USA and also back here in Sportscars and V8 Supercars in Australia. I’m excited about what the future holds and I hope that I can really show what I’m made of as I step up to something with a bit more power soon”.

“Anderson happy to back in the Briffa Holden Vectra for Sandown Enduro finale”
Female driver, Amber Anderson will again race in Steve Briffa’s Holden Vectra in the Australian Manufacturer’s Championship finale at Sandown next weekend.

Former 944 Challenge driver, Anderson last drove the class winning Vectra to a class win at Phillip Island in 2007, “it was an unexpected development to be jumping back into the Vectra again” says Anderson, who has been focussing her sights on Australia’s Carrera Cup Series for 2009.

Anderson feels that the combination of her experience at her home track and the recent fickle Melbourne weather could be the secret to her success, “the Vectra seems to be at its strongest in greasy wet conditions- it’s a great handling car and the rain or drizzle always seems to equalise the field and it will give us a real chance at staying up the front”.

Anderson recently returned from a scoping trip to the USA regarding racing in 2009 “I had a great trip to the USA and we’re definitely reviewing options for one or two races in the future, it would certainly be a lot of fun”.

Anderson was also fortunate to spend time with female IndyCar pioneer, Lyn St James, “Lyn’s a great lady and I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her and hear about how she made it as a female race car driver, she is really an inspiration and she gave me some great hints for racing- both on and off the track”.

Anderson is looking forward to putting Lyn’s advice to good use and getting back into the Vectra and giving it her best shot this weekend “I’m excited to be racing at Sandown and I’d like to thank Steve Briffa once again for making the invitation to me”.


Noverber 2009- Amber at the Island 300
Following a busy, busy weekend up at Mount Panorama at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 and taking some lucky guests for laps around the mighty Bathurst circuit in the wonderfully fun and fast HSV427 (thanks to her friends at Walkinshaw Racing), Amber is back in the seat to drive the Audi Safety Car for V8 Supercars at the Phillip Island - Island 300!

Australian female racing car driver sensation Amber Anderson.

It takes ambition, precision and determination for any person to pilot a racing car at tremendous speeds - to truly go above and beyond their comfort zone - to become the best. Amber has proven that she is capable of repeatedly achieving the impossible; not only as a race car driver - but also as a lawyer, an aerobatics aircraft pilot and also a public speaker and television reporter and now V8 Supercar Safety Car Driver!

You can learn more about Amber here and visit the website regularly to keep up to date with all of Amber’s latest news, updates and photos.

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