Kristy is a musher in the 2014 Iditarod and finished .

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Kristy Berington, age 32, was born and raised in Wisconsin. She says she started mushing at the age of 10. “As a kid, I knew about the race and the dream started becoming a reality when I moved to Alaska.” She moved here in 2007 to work with Iditarod champion, Dean Osmar, and learned about distance racing sled dogs. “I love living here in Alaska where I can combine my love for adventure, dogs, endurance sports and exploring all into one.” Kristy lives in Knik where she works for Scott Janssen. Team Janssen manages a competitive racing kennel of nearly 80 dogs. “My twin sister, Anna Berington, and I will be racing the trail again this year. See if can tell us apart.” Kristy has been a musher/property manager for the last eight years. In her spare time, she says she enjoys adventure, outdoor activities, running, biking, swimming and everything else Alaska has to offer.

Kristy Berington, age 28, says, “No, you’re not seeing double! I will be running this year’s Iditarod with my identical twin, Anna Berington.” With almost matching biographies, both girls grew up in Northern Wisconsin and graduated from South Shore High School, joined the National Guard, and wrangled horses in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. “Our love of animals, especially dogs, seems to have guided us through life. We started running sprint dogs in Wisconsin and grew to long distance mushing in Alaska. Adventure, endurance and dogs are what I love most.” Their first dog team consisted of a Great Pyrenees and a Border collie, pulling a sled they built out of a pair of downhill skis and a milk crate. This is Kristy’s fourth season running dogs and racing in Alaska, and her third year working for Paul Gebhardt in Kasilof. Kristy lists her hobbies as running, mountain biking, hunting, and horses.

Kristy Berington, age 25, was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin. Kristy says that together with her twin sister, Anna, the pair started handling and running dogs at a neighbor's sprint kennel. Their first dog team consisted of a Great Pyrenees and a Border Collie, pulling a sled they built out of a pair of downhill skis and a milk crate. The two continued to share their love of dogs and the outdoors, and eventually were drawn to Alaska because of these interests. This is Kristy's third season running dogs and racing in Alaska, and her second year working for Paul and Evy Gebhardt in Kasilof. On her rookie run to Nome, Kristy will be running a team of Gebhardt dogs, and hopefully a more sophisticated sled than she first started mushing with. Kristy has raced several mid distance events in Alaska, including the Tustumena 200, the Knik 200, the Tustumena 100, and the Klondike 300.

Kristy has worked as a wrangler in the Sierra Nevada Mountains area near Lake Tahoe, as a mushing tour guide, was a member of the Army National Guard and is an avid runner. Kristy says that when she's not doing chores, running dogs, playing with puppies, or just hanging out in the dog yard she loves swimming, biking, racing and being outdoors as much as possible.

This marks the second season that Kristy will be running dogs with Paul Gebhardt, where she works as a handler in the winter months, as well as working as a part time construction worker with Gebhardt Construction and keeps the cabins in tip top shape for Evy at Aspen Hollow Lodging.

During the 2009 Season, Kristy participated in several mid distance races, and is fully qualified for Iditarod rules to run the 1,100 mile race to Nome. In addition to the Tustumena 200, Kristy's race experience includes the Klondike 300 - where she was noted for her excellent level of dog care.

For the 2010 season, Kristy and Paul will kick off the racing circuit with the Sheep Mountain 150 in December.


2015 29th
2014 30th
2013 42nd
2012 43rd
2011 29th
Kristy was a rookie musher in the 2010 Iditarod and finished 39th

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