Formula Women - Novice Challenge
Amanda has always had a passion for racing. On her fourteenth birthday she dominated the track at Grantham Grid Indoor Karting and her father, Stuart Black, ( ) said: "It was clear she was a natural racer from the very first day she got behind the wheel." Amanda pursued her love for karting at the Ancaster Kart and Paintball Centre where she also worked as a marshal and receptionist in her school holidays.

The Formula Woman pre-elimination camp showdown trials were held on the 20th November in Pembrey, South Wales 2005. This was an opportunity for the final 100 left in the competition to win a seat in the final 16, without having to go to the gruelling elimination held in June 2006. There was only enough places for 64 woman to compete and have the chance to win a seat. There were 4 races with the winner of each race automatically qualifing for the final 16. To read more about Amanda's phenominal win click on the Club Formula Woman race report link or read one of the reports from newspaper coverage below!

The Formula Woman Novice Cup Challenge was held again this year and proved to be even more popular than the previous year’s challenge with over 10,000 applicants. Club Formula Woman is aimed at women with a passion for driving and is open to all female drivers across the UK. The challenge intends to find only 16 of the Britain’s most talented racing drivers.

Amanda Black, Skegness, entered the competition when it was televised on ITV1 last year along with over 10,000 race hopefuls. Black started racing on her 14th birthday at a karting track, now 23 she is racing in one of Britain’s top women’s motor sport competitions. After completing various fitness and driving tests, Black became one of the top 16 selected to race and headed to South Wales for the finals on Sunday 20th November.

After getting pole position with a “tremendous 1:09.805” qualifying time Black lined up with the rest of the competitors and with Group C’s race over, the Group D race was eagerly anticipated. The race started well for Black at Pembrey Race Circuit and throughout the race she remained in a strong position and was certain to gain podium. However, only a win would guarantee the driver a place on next year’s grid. A determined and focussed Black demonstrated superb driving skills as she regained her first place position. At the end of the race the competitors awaited the results and it was then announced that Black had won the race - “I didn’t expect to come here and win but I’m so chuffed. There has been constant support throughout and the whole experience has been brilliant!” Black not only won the race but achieved the fasted lap time too in Car No. 14 – a V6 Caterham K Series at 1:09.754 (75.14mph).

Congratulations must go to Amanda as winning this cup was an incredible achievement for any driver of any level of experience.

Pembrey, South Wales 11/19-20/05
Qualifing Result - Pole position - 1:09.805: Race Result - 1
Main Sponsor - 'Blair Athol Studio' Motorsport 'the Beginning'

Age: 23

From: Lincolnshire, UK

Education - University Of Northumbria: BSc(Hons) Geography and Sports Studies and the University of East Anglia: Postgraduate Certificate of Education in Secondary Education

Career: September 2005 took up a teaching post in Physcial Education at Skegness Grammar Sports College.

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