Currently working with Stars & Stripes Motorsports to secure funding for a full season of racing in the “Star Mazda Pro Series”.

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IMPACT Race Products Team Up With Jessica Brannam To Fight Domestic Violence


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29 time go-kart champion
Born: 12-25-90
Home Town: McHenry, IL
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 95 lbs
Motto: "I might be small, but I can haul"
First Race: April 2000
Best Racing Adviser: everyone helps me so much.
Hobbies: volleyball, swimming, shopping
Tracks: Road Atlanta & Grattan
Racer: Janet Guthrie
Movie: The Longest Yard
TV Show: Saved by the Bell
Color: Purple
School subject: Math
Driver: Jessica Brannam
Crew Chief: Phil Brannam
Team Manager: Diane Brannam


Brannam appears in 18 month Women in the Winner's Circle 2007 calendar along with 17 other women throughout the motorsports field.


IMPACT Race Products Team Up With Jessica Brannam To Fight Domestic Violence

Even though it has been a tough year on the race track for race car champion, Jessica Brannam, she was not about to let that effect her support of her favorite charity, Turning Point of McHenry County. Brannam, recently attended the annual “Take a Stand For Turning Point” radiothon just like she has for all 5 years this even has been held.

Turning Point of McHenry County is the only shelter in McHenry County, IL dedicated to helping women and children who have become victims of domestic violence. Turning Point does much more than just provide shelter. They help victims get councelling, find jobs and basicly whatever they need to get their lives back on track.

Jessica has supported Turning Point in many ways over the years. She visits the shelter, attends benefits like the radiothon and donates all of the money she wins from racing to the organization. “Nobody is more strapped for money when it come to racing than me”, said Brannam. “But I am more than willing to giveup the money I make from racing to help people that really need it. I need the money to “play around”, these folks need it to give them a better life”.

This season of racing has been, by far, the worst season Jessica has ever had. It’s not because she has been driving poorly or her car is slow. Jessica’s car has broke down in all of the 9 races her series has ran so far. Even worst than that, she was has had the fastest car most of the time and has been leading several races when her car let her down. All of this means less money Jessica has won and, of course, less money she has to donate.

“I felt so bad about not having very much money to give, so I contacted my sponsor about helping out. Mr. (Bill) Simpson from IMPACT Race Products was very happy to help me make a bigger donatioin to Turning Point than I would have been able to do on my own”. Brannam continued, “I know the people at Turning Point would be happy enough with me bringing out my #94 IMPACT Mini Sprint and signing autographs, but that’s not enough for me. I am just so lucky to have a great sponsor like IMPACT that supports me in everything I do”.

That kind of commitment is exactly the reason why Jessica was awarded the “Dream Weaver” award from Turning Point in 2009. Turning Point Director, Joe Kvidera said, “Turning Point wouldn’t be the same without Jessica. The kids love to see her car and meet her. The financial support Jessica gives is great, but that’s not all she is about. She brings much needed exposure to our organization”.

Jessica will continue racing her 1000cc Mini Sprint around the Mid-West as she spreads the word about the wonderful things Turning Point does for people in need. Hopefully Jessica’s fortunes will turn around for the remainder of the season.

To learn about how you can help support Turning Point visit their website,

24 Time National Champion Jessica Brannam Hopes to Compete in Star Mazda Pro Series

In every sport, consistent, extraordinary performance is rewarded. When an exceptional player wills their team to a National Championship the chances of that athlete moving to the next level improve exponentially. Which is precisely why Jessica Brannam from McHenry, Illinois, should realistically never need to fret about any racing future of her choosing.

Jessica Brannam is 24 time National Kart Champion

Brannam's resume reads like someone's at the end of a stellar racing career, yet Brannan only turned 19 last month. She has already been a 24 time National Champion, and is still the only female to be named "Badger Kart Club" Diver of the Year in that club's 50-year history. She has already accumulated a mind-boggling 213 feature victories, and is the only female to win every single race during a WKA (World Kart Association) National Series season. Brannam accomplished that feat four times. She notched her first racing victory in just her second race ever and won her first championship in her very first year of competition.

Oh, but wait, there's more. Brannam is a Skip Barber Advanced Racing School graduate. She has tested several types of Formula Cars, and tested faster than five of the six team drivers she tested with. She has also completed her NASCAR rookie test at Irwindale Raceway in California. Brannam is a six-time Lyn St. James, "Women in The Winners Circle" honoree.

The seemly obvious point is that Brannam, who likes to run with the number 94, can drive the smack out of any vehicle she chooses to place her favorite number on. Yet, in our current cost-cutting environment, even someone with her prodigious skills is left to wonder about her next step. Brannam is currently working with Stars and Stripes Motorsports to secure funding for a full season of racing in the Star Mazda Pro Series.

"We had a good season last year, we finished fourth out of 30 drivers in the Wisconsin, Illinois, Mini Sprints Series. Our plans for next year are kind of up in the year for now though. We are still working to get the funding and sponsorship needed for the Star Mazda Pro Series. If that doesn't happen, I will race the Mini sprint series," says a pensive Brannam.

"I think we have a great relationship with K&N, we never take anything that we do not need, and we are 100% dedicated to our sponsors. I also believe K&N has been happy with the way the race team and I have represented their company."

"The products that we use for our 1200cc mini sprint are the K&N oil and air filters. We have had great success with these products. When we raced go-karts we also used K&N products. Times are really tough now for my family, as well as with so many other people, racing will always be apart of my life though – no matter what happens."



World Karting Association Road Race Series

2005 - WKA Jr. Sprint Lite & Jr. Sprint Heavy Undefeated National Champion

WKA Jr. Sprint Lite & Jr. Sprint Heavy Regional Champion

Championship Enduro Series

2005 - IRA Jr. SSX1 and Jr. SSX2 National Champion

River Valley Kart Clubs & CES

2005 - Jr. Sprint Lite and Jr. Sprint Heavy Season Champion

Mini Sprint (WIMSA)

2005 - WIMS Rookie of the Year

2005 - Wilmot Speedway Rookie of the Year

Jessica Brannam - Race Recap Road Atlanta. This was the most fun I think I have ever had at a race. There was no pressure for me to win since I had already wrapped up the championships in both of my classes. The weather was perfect. Most of all, Road Atlanta is my favorite track.


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