The first woman over the wall in the Champ Car series. She crews for CTE Racing.

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GC: How did you get into it.

Tes: I grew up in Toronto. I always had motorcycles and I went to race school and from there I got a job in California, which was quite nice. Pretty much by chance. It wasn't something I planned at all.

GC: How do you like it?

Tes: There are days when I don't. All the travel gets a little tiring after a while.

GC: Where are you based out of?

Tes: We're based out of Indianapolis.

GC: What did you father think?

Tes: He passed away a few years ago but he was pretty proud.

GC: It looks like things are changing.

Tes: It is changing. When I first got into it it was pretty difficult but now, you do your job, they don't care. There are always going to be people who say something or have some opinion about it.

Note: The interview was conducted during a race so much of it was lost to the cars in the background. We hope to add to this interview at the San Jose Grand Prix in late July.

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