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Last updated 5/04 Last report 8/03 Needing funds for the 2004 season.

My names Rebecca Cartwright, I'm also known as Red.

I’m 24 and started riding motorbikes in 1999 after living in Australia for a year and having my first experience (as a pillion) of the open road! My first bike was a Honda VFR 400 NC30. When I bought it after learning to ride on an upright Yamaha 125 I rang my BMF instructor and very good friend, George Graham in floods of tears...'I've just bought a bike and I can't get on it let alone ride it! And I can't find the pegs! It took me about an hour with his expert advice and encouragement to get used to the position of the VFR. After that there was no stopping me!

For the first 3 months I rode everywhere with my best friend Neil Barratt who had a CBR1000. He used to say 'If I take off it's cos there’s a nice bit of road but don't try to keep up as I'll wait for you at the next junction'. Bless him! I know he was only saying it for my safety but there was no way I was gonna be left behind! We had an amazing 3 months on the bikes and I didn't ever want to get off except for the occasional blast on the back of his CBR. Unfortunately he was killed on the road not long after I passed my test but I always swore that from that day on I would never ride like a girl!

After some pretty quick and scary riding on the road with various bike groups and an upgrade in power to a Yamaha R6, I finally got my break and was offered a full sponsorship package by Chris Anton from Safeguard in Alton, Hampshire. I had completed the compulsory Race School with Ron Haslam in June 2002 as my birthday present from all my friends and family. I entered my first race at Snetterton on a Kawasaki ZXR400 at the end of 2002 with Bemsee.

Due to only entering a few rounds and still having my rookie bib I was permitted to enter the rookie 400’s last year (2003). The first round at Brands was really nerve racking and due to poor tyre choice and bad weather I came away unhappy with my results. I booked to do a test day with my mate Mike Edwards where we both found some time and confidence. I then went on to achieve my first 2 trophies at Lydden Hill. I couldn't get the grin off my face for a month.

I was very fortunate from there on in and with a package of reliability, support and encouragement, Keith Code's insight, a powerful 69bhp bike, and a little bit of skill I achieved many podium finishes including a win at Snetterton where there must have been about 30 people (supporters, friends and family) clogging up pit lane waiting to congratulate and jump on me - Thanks guys!.

I managed to secure my 2nd place in the BMCRC Nationwide Rookie 400 Championship at Brands on the Saturday with 5 races left to go. I went out for the 1st race on Sunday and had a very nasty high speed collision with a fellow racer and friend Iain Mcgee at the top of Paddock Hill. We both ended up opposite each other in hospital trying to swear at each other using our toes due to not having a good arm between us. He had broken his shoulder on one side, his collarbone on the other along with a few ribs and I had broken both of my wrists. When they realised that I had broken both my wrists the first question on every ones mind including mine was 'how are you going to wipe....' You figure it out!

We have both mended well and I for one can't wait to get back on track. I will booked 5 days testing in Nogaro in France at the end of February before the first race of the season to build up both the strength in my wrists and my confidence.

My aim this year is to be top 5 in the 400 Super Sport Championship. (Hopefully top 3!)

Name Deb Cartwright
Date of Birth 04 October 1974
Home Town Reading
Height 5 foot 4 inches
Racing Debut Rookie 400, Brands March 2003
Best finish 2nd

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