Tiffany Chittenden is back racing for VZ Racing in 2011. A full update will be coming soon. Also see her racing in the Rotax Winter Cup – 9th to 13th of February 2011


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"I race... Karts, Cars, anything that I can."

A well presented, self motivated, competitive and hardworking individual completely focused on exploiting her proven driving talent to compete and win at the very top in Motorsport.

When she's not at the track she's working hard on maintaining her race fitness, when she gets the chance she loves to go Skiing, Jetskiing or play any competitive sport.


Tiffany is eyeing up a move to the EuroBOSS Series this year after 10 years in karting, through her participation in the televised "UK F1 Drivers' Challenge". The 23-year old Tiffany tested one of Andrew Kirkaldy's Team AKA Formula Renault machines last autumn at Albacete and has also tried a Radical. Added in 2007


Rotax World Finals 2007

Tiffany represented the UK in the 2007 Rotax world finals. She was the only female qualifier from the entire world to reach this level, and has proven she can successfully compete against male competitors at any level.

She qualified inside the top ten in a field of 72 international level competitors including previous world champions. She hopes to be back again this year for another attempt at the world title.

2007 British Rotax DD2 Champion

Tiffany had never even driven a DD2 Kart before the first race of the season, not only did she win her first race after only sitting in the Kart for the first time 30 minutes before; she also continued to completely dominate the season, setting three outright lap records.

2007 European Championships

Tiffany had never competed at any of the european tracks before the 2007 season, she finished second on the second race and the finished with the first ever female podium for the final round at Genk, Belgium.

Formula Renault

Formula Renault is one of the most competitive championships in the world with drivers coming from all over the world to compete and teams spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on racing and testing.

Tiffany competed for several rounds mid season, despite missing all of the testing sessions due to other racing commitments, she still received the TOCA Formula Renault Driver of the Day at Donnington and finished all her races well placed.


Tiffany started Karting at the age of 10, winning her first 20 competitive races. She is twice British Karting champion and winner of over 100 British Championship Karting races in four different classes.

Testing Experience

Tiffany has tested numerous cars for top works and independent teams on most of the UK circuits, some of the cars include the following: Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Formula 3, SR3 Radical, Formula Palmer Audi, Caterham Roadsports and VdeV Sports Car.


Tiffany comes from a family with a strong British motorsport pedigree. Her family founded the Vanwall team in the 1950s and built the first cars to conform to the then new F1 regulations. In 1958 Vanwall won the world constructors championship with Stirling Moss being narrowly beaten to the Drivers Championship by Ferrari's Mike Hawthorne.


Tiffany is a qualified ARDS race instructor and has worked at race schools and manufacturer events across the United Kingdom. She is currently a driving specialist at Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands.

  • Driving Specialist at Mercedes Benz World UK.
  • Race tuition for up and coming junior drivers in the british karting championship.
  • Instructor at Brands Hatch.
  • Instructor at Palmers Bedford Autodrome
  • Instructor for Pro Drivers
  • Senior Instructor for ITV’s Formula Woman
  • Pro Driver for Automotive Track Work
  • Instructor and Professional Driver for Manufacturer work for Volvo and Mazda
  • Instruct children and adults in Karts, from beginners to championship level
  • Work on Experience Days, Hot Rides and Track Days in various cars including Caterhams, Renault Meganes, Clios, Jaguar Sportscars and many more.


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