Cherie Christian is one of the few women competing within what is traditionally a male-dominated sport. What is even more remarkable is that she is a 42-year old mother of two.

Cherie had been riding motorcycles for nearly 26 years, but never competitively. However, in 2002 she decided it was time to finally follow her childhood dream and become a road racer.

Cherie has now completed her first two season's racing, having competed in the Rookie 400 class of the Southern Championship and the Supersport 400 Championship, which are organised and run by the highly respected British Motorcycle Racing Club.

In October of 2003, Cherie entered the Jurby Endurance race, held on the Isle of Man, as team-mate to Manx racer John "Harry" Harrison. After a hard fought battle they finished the gruelling event in fifth place on their beautifully prepared Honda NC30.

In 2004, she competed against some of the country's top Supersport 400 club racers and earned her first Championship points as a result of her determination.

In order to remain competitive, Cherie began running a tuned engine in 2004, which incurs higher running costs, and as a result of the additional power the bike puts out, her tyre bill alone for this season looks set to match the debt of a small country. She is finding it more and more costly to be competitive. Sponsorship would allow her to do more test days, improve the bike's set up, and give her more track time to improve her race craft, both of which she believes will improve her results.

Cherie is without a doubt, one of the most dedicated and determined racers on the circuit. She has risen above the challenge of adversity time and time again and shown her abilities and mettle as a competitive racer. Her courage and motivation are legendary in the paddock. , Contact

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