I’m a small town racer. This year, (2006) my youngest son is driving my car (I’m still the owner) and I will get back into the seat again next season. I’m 59 and still going strong. Didn’t start racing until I was 38, because when I was 18 women weren’t racing here in Victoria. It was VERY MUCH a man’s sport. At that time if I could have raced, my father was going to be my crew chief. Mom went gray…lol. I drive a Datsun 510 and belong to the IMS 4’s (International Mini Stock 4-Cylinders) club. I am thinking of trying drag racing, starting out in the Street Stock Division. She is the Treasurer for the IMS 4's. and was 7th in the 2005 list of Top Drivers.

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Known as 'Shar' and, by some of the younger drivers at the track, as 'Mom', Sharon was born in Victoria BC (birthday April 8th). Sharon's spouse, Gary Madden was inducted into the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame on February 24, 2001. Between them, their family includes three cats, Pumpkin, Squeeks, and Sage; Sharon's two sons, and Gary's son and daughter. Sharon has five grandchildren and Gary has a grandson.

Began racing career in 1985: "I was in the pits one day and hopped into a Hit-to-Pass car for a novelty race. I didn't even know how to get in it. After some quick advice from the driver, Tim Woelk, I was ready. The first driver had to drive one lap and then get out of the car and put a bib on the second driver, me, and feed you a hamburger combo (the size of Mt. Everest..!). Then I get into the car and drive one lap to the S/F line. Being new at this, I drove to the S\F line and stopped right there. Didn't know they meant go over the line. Was first, but ended up third after restarting the car and lurching across the line and stalling. I couldn't get out of the car. The Race Director had to pull me out the driver's window. Both of us laughing didn't help the situation. Learned fast after that one! I owned my first race car in 1988 - a Claimer."

Interests: Being involved in any aspect of racing, working on my race car and, of course, racing it.

Hobbies: Collects penguins of all kinds (books, calendars, ornaments, stuffed, clothing, stickers, etc.) A penguin is strapped to her race car.

Personal Vehicle: A bronze coloured 1980 GMC shortbox stepside dubbed


Race Vehicle: A 1969 Datsun 510 dubbed "Lil' Rock-n-Roller".

Favourite Music: 50s and 60s, Country, and pianist "Giovanni".

Favourite Food: Mashed potatoes and gravy!!

Racing Hero: " Gary Madden, of course!" The Late Davey Allison and Mark Martin.

Most Memorable Racing Achievement: 1997 winning her first Trophy Dash and being congratulated with a kiss from former racing buddy, Randy Wiebe.

Best Part of Racing: "The feeling you get when you've had a good run. Your peers coming over and letting you know you did well."

Worst Part Of Racing: Mechanical problems ("having your steering wheel come off going into a corner doesn't cut it either!")

Racing Goals: To continue racing the IMS 4's Class. She enjoys it and is improving every year. Maybe stepping into another class in a year or two.

What Drives You Crazy: Drivers who continually blame their driving problems on their car, or on another driver.

Fans: Sharon likes the enthusiasm of the fans. She especially loves it when the kids come into the pits and ask her for an autograph, and she hands out pictures and candy.

Greatest Influences On Life: Family and Friends.

Articles: Sharon has written articles for "Island Racing News" and "Geared For Racing" magazines, the Goldsteam News Gazette and the Time-Colonist newspaper. She is also a contributing writer for the Pacific Motorsports Magazine website and another website dedicated to women involved in motorsports, "Thunder Valley Racing", and has been a featured driver on their site.


L.I.T.R.A. (Lower Island Track Racing Association)

Member of the Year - 1987, 1988, 1995
Placed 6th overall in Claimers - 1988
Placed 5th overall in Rollovers - 1995
Hard Luck Trophy in Claimers - 1989
Hard Luck Trophy in Rollovers -1995
Best Appearing Claimer - 1991, 1994
Best Appearing Rollover Car - 1995
Served on Board of Directors - 8 years

IMS 4's (International Mini Stock 4-Cylinders)

Won Championship Race - 1998
Western Speedway Driver of the Week - 1998
Most Improved Driver - 1998
Placed 7th overall - 1998
Placed 5th overall - 1999
Member of the Year - 1999, 2001, 2002
Placed 4th overall - 2000
Placed 3rd overall - 2001
Hard Luck Trophy - 2002
Placed 7th overall - 2002
Special Appreciation Award - 2002
Placed 4th overall - 2003
Sportsman of the Year - 2003
Placed 7th overall - 2004
Special Appreciation Award - 2004
Served on Board of Directors - 1997-2004
Promotions Committee - 2005
Placed 7th overall - 2005
Back on the Board as Treasurer - 2006


Sharon was one of six selected to participate on the Committee for the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame - 2002

CAR STATS: 1969 Datsun 510; 2 litre engine; Ford 2-barrel, full roll cage; 7” Goodyear slicks; flared fenders and rear spoiler added. TEAM LOGO: MAD DOG Racing WEBSITES: (personal site of Sharon Constantine) and (IMS 4’s club site)

CURRENT CLUB: IMS 4’s (International Mini-Stock 4-Cylinders) RACING EXPERIENCE: 21 years

SPONSORS: Chew Excavating Ltd., Automotive Sales Co. Ltd., Pair-O-Dice Tattoo, Roadmasters Safety Group Inc.

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Centre, Canwest Mall Buck Or Two Store, Bill & Corrine Bradstock,

Computer Troubleshooters, Galaxy Motors, MAD DOG Racing.

CREW: Gary "Mad Dog" Madden (Crew Chief), Carl Constantine, Peter Stringer, Eric Beech.[Gary Madden was inducted into the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame February 24, 2001]

SPECIAL THANKS: Gary Madden, Jim McKay, Geoff Bodman, Six Mile Tirecraft, Girard Games & Awards, Adobe Fast-Print Clothing & Design Studios, Trans Sign (1999) Ltd., Dave Barrett of DB Designs, Tony & Peter Stringer.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN RACING: Sharon wanted to race cars since she was a teenager but, back then, women weren’t involved in auto racing in Victoria. In 1985, she was sitting in the stands at Western Speedway, watching Hit-To-Pass racing, when the Race Announcer said they needed more lady drivers to participate in the Powder Puff Hit-To-Pass. She was in a car the next race!!

SPEEDWAYS: Races at Western Speedway in Langford, just outside Victoria, and at Saratoga Speedway in Black Creek, nestled between Courtenay and Campbell River - (home track, Western Speedway).

CLASSES RACED: In 1985, Sharon joined V.I.S.D.D.A., now known as L.I.T.R.A (Lower Island Track Racing Association) and started racing Hit-To-Pass cars as a Powder Puff driver. In 1988, started racing Claimers, and was the first woman to run in regular L.I.T.R.A. competition in that class. In 1995, participated in Rollover competition to see what it was like to roll a car. In 1996, she joined the IMS 4's (International Mini Stock 4-Cylinders) Ten in Points

SPECIAL AWARDS, As a member of *L.I.T.R.A. (Lower Island Track Racing Association), (*formerly known as V.I.S.D.A.

TROPHIES & - Vancouver Island Stunt and Demo Drivers Association). Sharon was elected to their Executive in 1986

APPOINTMENTS: and, for 8 of 11 years, held several positions, some more than once – Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Membership, Vice-President, Claimer Rep., Assistant Pit Boss, Pit Runner, sold 50/50 tickets in the stands and pits, was a Spotter, helped Record Races, and crewed. She received the most prestigious award presented by that club, "Member of the Year", and was privileged to receive this award in 1987, 1988 & 1995. Received an Appreciation Certificate in 1994 for volunteer work. Trophies received – Claimers 1988 finished 6th overall in points; Best Appearing Claimer 1991 & 1994, and Best Appearing Rollover 1995; Claimer Hard Luck 1989 and Rollover Hard Luck 1995, Rollovers 1995 finished 5th overall in Points

As a member of the IMS 4's (International Mini Stock 4-Cylinders), on May 24, 1997 won her first

A Trophy Dash. October 1997, Championship night race, placed 6th. Elected to 1998 Board of Directors as Secretary. April 11, 1998, won Fast Heat (in the rain)! September 19, 1998, won a 30-lap Championship Main at Saratoga Speedway, and was the first woman to win a main event at that track in a long time, which made her win even more special (and received recognition as Driver  of the Week). In 1998 finished 7th overall, and received the Most Improved Driver Award. April 3, 1999 won the A Trophy Dash.

Appointed to 1999 Board of Directors as Secretary. In 1999 placed 5th overall, and received the Member of the Year Award. Elected to 2000 Board of Directors as Secretary. May 27, 2000 won the A Trophy Dash. In 2000 placed 4th overall. Elected to 2001 Board  of Directors as Secretary, also taking over Membership duties. August 11, 2001 won the A Trophy Dash. In 2001 placed 3rd overall

In points, and received the Member of the Year Award. Elected to 2002 Board of Directors as Secretary/Membership. In 2002 placed 7th overall, received Hard Luck Trophy, Member of the Year Award, and a Special Appreciation Award. Elected to 2003 Board of Directors as Secretary. In 2003, placed 4th overall, and received the Sportsman of the Year Award. Elected to 2004 Board of Directors as Secretary. In 2004, placed 7th overall in points, also received an Appreciation Gift for her many years of service on the Board of Directors. Chose to step down as Secretary for 2005, but accepted to serve on the Promotions Committee. Elected to 2006 Board of Directors as Treasurer and Head of Membership.

Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame, in 2002, Sharon was one of 6 selected to serve on the Committee for the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Hall of Famer Gary Madden (Sharon’s spouse) was also selected to serve on this Committee.

SPECIAL EVENTS: In 1988 participated in the “CKDA Pepsi 100 Challenge” at Western Speedway, and was the only female driver! Managed to drive 68 out of 100 laps before having a wheel bearing and brake problem. Drove this race to gain experience driving with fast cars. She has driven in several novelty races and has raced in four Enduros. Raced in a Mini-Figure 8 Fun Race.

FUTURE RACING PLANS/GOALS: Sharon wants to continue racing IMS 4's, and win a season championship.

[1996-15th, 1997-12th, 1998-7th, 1999-5th, 2000-4th, 2001-3rd, 2002-7th, 2003-4th; 2004-7th, 2005-7th.

OTHER: Sharon has written articles for the "Goldstream News Gazette", the Times-Colonist, several other papers, and for two former magazines "Island Racing News" and “Geared For Racing”. She is a contributing writer for “Thunder Valley Racing”, a website dedicated to women involved in motorsports, and has been a featured driver on their site. In 2003 and 2004, Sharon was asked to write a couple of articles for the Saratoga Speedway program, and will again in 2005. She also sends articles to the Pacific Motorsports Magazine website. “ RUBBER SIDE DOWN ! ”

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