8th in class in Castle Coombe saloons for 2006.

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Your Name: Becky-Beth Cox
Birthdate: April 24, 1984
Birth Place: Bournemouth Dorset England
Current Home Base: Wimborne Dorset
Phone: 07810187992
Who started you: My self, my friends got me into cars then I got into racing
Biggest influence: My inner self
Father's Thoughts: My father died before I started my racing, but I am sure he would of been very proud of me
Your encouragement to others: Just go for it ! The last championship I raced in there were only two other woman and they were alot older than me.


At 17 years old I started co-Driving in county Rallys. For 2 years.

I then got spotted at a track event and got sponcered to Race in the Beetle Uniroyal Challenge. As a female team doing 5 hour endurance races at Rockingham. With two other drivers.

I then Tested the new Eletric go Kart for Green Motor sport. For Sky Tv Cnn Globel challenges. At Daytona Kart track in Weybridge Surrey.

Castle Combe Circuit, near Chippenham, has seen three women racing drivers competing in its saloon car championships this year. At 21 years of age, Becky-Beth Cox, of Kinson, near Bournemouth is the youngest.

Becky finished eighth in the National Mobile Windscreens Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship, Class B. She began her motorsport career co-driving for a rally team at the age of 17. Becky featured in Global Challenges on CNN, demonstrating a new electric go-kart after she was spotted by Green Motorsport

I am currently at Kingston University in my final year of a motorsports Engineering Degree. So at this point I am working hard towards this.

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