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Haas: Patrick's a great candidate for F1 team

Gene Haas, co-owner of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team Stewart-Haas Racing, said Saturday that Danica Patrick would be "a great candidate" for the Formula 1 team he plans to start for the 2016 season.

Following qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Haas was interviewed by NBC Sports Network and was asked about the possibility of Patrick racing in F1.

"I think she would," Haas said. "I think she would. She would bring an awful lot of viewership. I think it would be great for America. I think she would be a great candidate. Whether that's going to happen or not, that's kind of a long shot there, too."

Former Red Bull technical director Guenther Steiner, who will be the team principal for the Haas F1 operation, was also asked Saturday in Montreal whether Patrick would be considered.

According to Eurosport.com, Steiner said, "Not more than anybody. But you know, everything is possible."
Source: www.nascar.com/en_us/news-media/articles/2014/6/8/nascar-sprint-cup-danica-patrick-gene-haas-formula-1.html

Patrick would relish a proper F1 test opportunity

Every driver would love to drive a Formula One car at some point in their life, so yeah.

Danica Patrick, who made history when she claimed her first IndyCar race win two weeks ago, has confessed to wanting a Formula One test.

Patrick made her IndyCar debut in 2005, however, it was not until three years later, driving for Andretti Green Racing, that she claimed her first victory, winning the Indy Japan 300 and thereby becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race.

The American is now hoping to test her skills in Formula One, admitting that she would relish a 'proper' test with one of the teams.

"Every driver would love to drive a Formula One car at some point in their life, so yeah," she told Autosport.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with a real, proper test.

"I was asked to do a demonstration lap at Indy in 2005, and I said, 'No way. You're making me a show. That's embarrassing.' But I would say that a real test is absolutely something I would do."

And one team who would welcome her testing with them is Honda. "We haven't instigated anything, but if Danica wanted to be a test driver then we'd be more than happy to talk about it," Honda CEO Nick Fry said.

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