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Speedy Suzy Challenges the Men in National Speed Championship
18,000 women apply for Formula Woman race championship
62 females compete at Pembrey Motor Race Circuit
Loughborough racing girl beats 10,000 hopefuls to reach Formula Woman finals
4th at the Formula Woman Novice Cup Challenge at Pembrey Circuit 11/20/05
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Nationality: English
Championship: Formula Women
Car: Caterham Roadsports
Championship: MGCC Speed Championship
Car: MGZR 105

Speedy Suzy Challenges the Men in National Speed Championship

Suzy has had a fabulously successful start to the championship, lying 2nd in class and a fantastic 4th overall

Following her success in beating over 9,000 women to be in the final 100 women through to the final stage of the Formula Woman competition, Suzy, 23 from Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire is now taking on the men.

The final Formula Women selection camp will involve lots of driving tests and outward bound type challenges. In preparation, Suzanne is being coached to peak performance by LA Fitness of Loughborough, and to maximise her competitive skills she has entered the MG Car Club 2006 Speed Championship.

This national Championship involves sprints and hill-climbs throughout the year at over 20 venues from Cornwall to Yorkshire and from Wales to Kent. There are 82 competitors contesting the championship and the final awards will be based on the best 8 results over the season.

Suzy has had a fabulously successful start to the championship, and after 6 events she is leading the Ladies Championship, lying 2nd in class and a fantastic 4th overall – that’s ahead of 77 red blooded men. She certainly has competitive genes in her blood. However the success has not been without disappointments along the way.

She first event at the Curborough sprint circuit, near Lichfield, was a challenging start. Sharing the MGZR 105 with her dad, the track was hit by April showers for most of the day; however, as the last run of the day approached the track was nearly dry. As Suzy lined up for the start, foot poised on the accelerator she knew this final run was going to be a quick one. She felt the car drift beautifully round the twists and turns of the circuit and it felt fast! But as she returned to the finish an official informed her that the timing equipment had fallen down in the wind during her run and she would have to go again. Suzy quickly repositioned herself back on the line determined to do exactly as before but by the time the officials had re-set the timing beams the heavens had opened and all chances of winning the class were washed away – a most unusual situation and a tough start to the season.

As the season progressed Suzy’s luck changed for the better. At Rushmoor Arena in Aldershot she was 3rd in class and at Harewood hill-climb she gained a well deserved 2nd in class to put a smile on her face. Good results at Colerne airfield in Wiltshire and Scammonden hill-climb in Yorkshire saw her move to 6th overall in the championship.

The most recent venue was the race circuit in Anglesey for a 2-day sprint. The first day started very wet, but Suzy applied her female skills of touch and sensitivity in the slippery conditions to record a superb time ahead of all but 1 of the 25 MG drivers and all but 15 of the 120 other cars, including TVRs, Porches and single seaters – not bad in an MG with 105 break horse power! Later the day turned sunny and the more powerful cars soon put in much faster times. However, Suzy could still have a good battle with the other MGs. At the end of the first day she was 3rd in class. The second day was beautifully sunny and times improved steadily throughout. By the end Suzy was over the moon as she pulled up to 2nd in a class of 7 male competitors - a gorgeous trophy and a weekend to remember.

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