Hello and welcome to the fourth incarnation of my website since its inception in 1997. I have been meaning to add more to this site for ages, but if anything tends to get updated it is usually the racing bit.

As there seems little point in a separate bio page as with previous websites, let's delve into who I am a bit here.

I was born in June 1970 on sunny Wirral, a little peninsula next to Liverpool. I was schooled locally. Went to medical school in Cardiff (Wales) then returned home where I initially trained as a psychiatrist but then decided it was not for me and so trained as a general practitioner (GP). I have been working full time as a single handed GP in Rhuddlan, North Wales since 2002 and officially took over the place in April 2005.

I live with my 2 cats in Meliden. My kids, Edward and Harriet, live with their biological Mum (June) and step dad (Chris) - its a long story - but we are all best of mates and all part of Team Purple. My interests include trying to race motorbikes as fast as possible without falling off (Honda Steel framed 600) having now given up trying to ride them on our camera / police cop infested money raising cesspits called roads. Also shopping, computers, gardening, music (started playing guitar again) and eating out. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music but particularly enjoy Philip Glass, They Might Be Giants, Half Man Half Biscuit, modern dance music, heavy metal.. anything really apart from crappy overproduced teeny bopper bands.

hazeldrury.co.uk or E-Mail

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