Three time World Karting Association and two time International Karting Federation Champion, Jody Folice is renowned as one of the top karting drivers in the world, compiling more than 350 career feature wins in her 22 year career.

Jody Folice definitely comes from solid racing stock.

Her father, Joe, was a short track racer in Connecticut and the day he married her mother, he took his bride to a race in which he would be competing that night at Middletown.

"Mom told me that they announced over the PA. 'Congratulations to Joe and Gloria Folice, who just got married today." and that Joe would be competing in the Sportsman Class, or whatever, that night," Jody said.

"Mom was in the stands and said that some guy leaned over to her and said, "What kind of an a**hole would bring his wife to a race track on their wedding night?'

"She turned to him and said, 'I married that a**hole."

Folice began racing kart in the Wilton Go-Kart Club in Connecticut.

"It was a school parking lot," she said.

She has faced resistance from the very beginning because she is female, "Especially when I go where people don't know me," she said.

"Someone shoved their shoulder into me and tried to intimidate me at one race track," Folice said. "That was really the worst. But I go to race just like they do. If I were there to prance around, it would be a different story. But they know that I'm there to race and that I'm serious."

Serious she is when it comes to her racing career and she has the credentials to prove it.

She's won the 1982 Karting Grand National Championship in Canada, Empire State Championships in New York, a WKA Gold Cup Series Championship in 1986, a Modified Series Championship in 1988 and countless track championships.

"I won more when I was younger because I raced more," she said. "As I got older, I needed to be more self supporting so the funds haven't been there."

Folice supports herself through managing T & J's Deli in downtown Concord, a family-owned operation which is a popular lunch spot for Winston Cup drivers and team members.

She eventually hopes to go racing full time in a full-bodied car and has a Late Model Stock Car being built by RBR Racecars to run at Concord.

"I'm also talking with a guy about running a NASCAR Dash Series car for him next year," she said. "I'm going to finish the car (the Late Model Stock) and then if the Dash deal goes through, I'm going to run it whenever I can. I want to get as much experience as I can."

Most Notable Events

Competing at Concord Motorsports Park in the Legends Pro Winter Heat Series driving the Carlos J. Moore And Associates Architects Legends Car

Dirt Mini Stock races with several finishes in the top ten

World Karting Association 2-cycle National 135cc Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway - 2nd

Driving Instructor at the U-Race Driving School at Concord Motorsports Park.

Competed at Concord Motorsports Park in the Bill Chapman owned, Thermaltek Chevrolet in the Late Model Stock Division.

Joined the North Carolina Based Karting team of Bill Jackson, scored major victories at Road Atlanta and Rockingham, NC, also raced in various other venues across the southeast never finishing out of top five.

Action Packed Racing cards Team Driver for "Legends of the West" televised Legend Car series from Phoenix Arizona. Finished second in series points, two points behind the champion. Was also a driving instructor for Bill Borden at the Florida Legends Association Driving School

World Karting Association Horstman Gold Cup Series Limited Modified Lite Division Champion

Charlotte Coliseum Indoor Christmas Classic Kart race - Stock Lite 4th place, Charlotte, NC

WKA Horstman Gold Cup Series Champion

Springfield, Vermont Street Race 1st place.

Rutland, Vermont Street Race, Junior Box Stock 1st Place
WKA National Points Champion, Junior Box Stock

Norwalk Karting Association Junionr Box Stock Points Champion

International Karting Federation Grand National Champion, Junior Box Stock - Received the prestegious Duffy Award
Norwalk Karting Association - Points Champion Junior Box Stock
Long Island Karting Association Points Champion Junior Box Stock

Long Island Karting Association Points Champion - Rookie
Empire State Champion - Junior Box Stock - Long Island NY
Norwalk Karting Association - 2nd Points Junior Box Stock

International Karting Federation National Karting Champion, Duffy Award
Norwalk Karting Association - Points Champion - Rookie Box Stock
Long Island Karting Association - Points Champion - Rookie

Norwalk Karting Association - Points Champion - Rookie Box Stock
Long Island Karting Association - 2nd points - Rookie

25th annual North American Kart Championship 1st place - Rookie Box Stock - Whitby, Ontario
Nutmeg Karting Association - Points Champion - Rookie
Norwalk Karting Association - 3rd points - Rookie Box Stock
Became Coyote Racing's Team Driver

Source: Jody Folice, PO Box 152, Mt Pleasant, NC 28124 or 704.436.6182 or or E-Mail or E-Mail

No information since mid-2003.

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