Frosh appears in 18 month Women in the Winner's Circle 2007 calendar along with 17 other women throughout the motorsports field.

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Florida Mini Sprint Association First Female Driver

One of Thunder Valley Racing's "Featured Racers", sixteen year old Brittany Allison Frosh from Melbourne, Florida is the Florida Mini Sprint Association's first female driver the group has ever had. Brittany moved up from Quarter Midgets where she won World Formula championships at two different tracks in Florida along with the World Formula track speed record in Sharpes, Florida. She's no stranger to championships. In 2004, Brittany won the Heavy Honda championship and in 2003 she won a championship at the Tangerine Winter Nationals in Florida. This will be the first time Brittany will be the lone female out racing against the guys but that's just fine with her. She enjoys the competition and it couldn't be better when she beats the guys. After a year or two in mini sprints, Brittany would like to move up to 360 Winged Sprints or maybe give stock car racing a try.


Brittany Allison Frosh
Birthday: April 19, 1989
Racecar: Nervo Coggin
Class: Heavy 160 & World Formula
Race crew: My Dad, My Mom, and My Sister (Krista)
Sponsors: Wolfe Stitches
2002-5th place points & Track record holder at LNSS
2003-Tangerine Winter Nationals Champion in Heavy Honda
2004-MFQMRA Track Champion of Heavy Honda

Who would have thought that my racing destiny would start at birth? Before my birth my parents had the name Brittany Marie picked out, for me to be named after my mom. Both of my parents were huge NASCAR fans and love the sport of Racing. Well, Bobby Allison had a bad wreck a short time before I was born and at the time he was my parent's favorite racer. Well as I lay there on my mom's stomach without my name being final, my mom looked to my dad in tears and said "Everyone will think I'm crazy, but I want to name her Brittany Allison after Bobby." My dad totally agreed and said that it would be a great name. I guess you could say right from there I was destined to be a race car driver.

My first trip to a race track was when I was 4, my dad used to race stock cars at New Smyrna Speedway. He raced a Bomber, a Late-Model, and later on a Modified. The first time I stepped foot inside the racetrack you couldn't get me to stop coming. Every week I couldn't wait for Saturday night to come back again, it's what got me though the school weeks. I grew up around my Uncle Tank and my dad racing racing Modifieds0p. At the age of 8 I wanted to race so bad that I couldn't wait until I was old enough.

The day finally came when I was 10, I came to watch my Uncle Tank race and in corners 1 and 2 there was a huge dirt pile. Come to find out they were building a Quarter Midget track inside of New Smyrna Speedway for kids like my age, from 5-16. There were Quarter Midget drivers that were already in the sport that did a parade lap that night. I looked in amazement at my dad and said "Daddy I want one!" My dad thought I was joking but being the outgoing little girl that I was, I kept bugging him that I wanted one. It took about 2 months to convince him that I was serious about getting a Quarter Midget because him having 2 daughters he never thought one of his girls would want to race.

In November 2000 I got my first race car ever! My dad asked me to go into the garage to get a screw driver and in the garage was sitting a quarter midget! I swear I must have sat in my garage for at least 4 hours that night. My first time ever in my quarter midget, my Uncle Tank and Dad took me to a parking lot at my Uncle's jobsite. I ran over a parking stopper and blew a tire and that was it for me. I have come along way from the parking lot though!

In 2001 I ran in the Novice class to teach me all about the car and get used to it. I won my first race and from there it was a roller coaster ride. In later 2001, I moved into the Senior Honda class and that's where my fun began. In 2002 I started my first full season and ran for points, I finished 5th in points for the Senior Honda class. In 2003 is the year I started to sparkle! I started racing in the class of Heavy Honda. I struggled in this class in the beginning, but a family whose younger son, Matt races saw the drive I had in me. They helped my Dad and I get faster and from there is when I took off. In February 2003 I traveled to Columbus, OH and never been on that track finished 3rd and in May 2003 I set a track record of 6.437 at our state race. Although I was fast I was getting 2nd and 3rd's and never a 1st. My first win came the last night that I was racing my car before selling it to get my new quarter midget. That was when my luck changed and I won 5 features after that. But my all time favorite memory was yet to come! In December 26-31 2003 is a big event that is ran every year called the Tangerine, it was my dream to win this since I started. I qualified 5th out of 30 and I ended up winning both heat races! I thought for sure when I ended up on the outside pole that my luck would run out In the A main. But I was wrong I became the 2003 Heavy Honda Tangerine Winner!! For 2003 I finished 3rd in New Smyrna points, 2nd in the state of Florida and 2nd in Apopka points.

2004 also had a ton of highlights! I ran at tracks out in Georgia, Indiana, and Connecticut. In May I was invited to an event “Women in the Women Circle” hosted by Lyn St. James. I finished 4th in points at New Smyrna my home track and at Sharpes I was in second place with one race to go. I was faced with a huge decision. I was invited to go attend a driver development school in Arizona with Lyn St. James. The driving school and the last race of the season were the same weekend. I had to make a huge decision go to the school or race and possibly win the championship. I called Lyn St. James and she said that I could attend the driving school next year so the decision was made. I knew I had a chance and gave it my best shot. I ended up winning the last race and finishing tied for first. I became the 2004 Track Champion of MFQMRA. In 2005 I plan to travel to tracks in Georgia and race at the two tracks in Florida at Sharpes and New Smyrna.

I have had the privilege to do something that some kids only can dream about. I have had my dreams come true but I have bigger ones! My goal since I was 5 was to make it big time into NASCAR or World of Outlaws. Hopefully with help I will get there and I have faith that if I give it my all I can do anything! After all that’s why my motto is “Never Giver Up”

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