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Balancing Power: Cassie Gannis’ Racing Dreams
Q&A with Cassie Gannis, NASCAR West Driver

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Twenty-year-old Cassie Gannis has been a standout since she decided to hit the tracks at age 10 in the Quarter Midget Series, where she consistently placed among the top five. She followed that with the 2003 Arizona State Championship in the Bandolero Series and in 2005 was named that Legends series Rookie of the Year. Cassie celebrated her 16th birthday by obtaining a NASCAR license to race in the NASCAR Super Late Model Series. She is the youngest female driver to race at Tucson Raceway Park, where she began to reach speeds of 120 miles per hour on the track while tuning her skills. In 2008 she consistently placed in the top 10 with numerous top 5 finishes, finished 7th in points and became a fan favorite. Also in 2008, Cassie raced at “The Bullring” at Las Vegas Motor Speedway placing in the Top 10 against numerous racers. She is currently racing a NASCAR Super Late Model #7 in Arizona and Las Vegas. She is proud to have raced car #56 Late Model with the High Point Racing Team at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California for the first half of the 2009 season. After numerous appearances on The Mid Valley Sports Show, Cassie has been asked to be a regular co-host along with Andy Villanueva.

As a 5 year old, Cassie was busy making a statement in swimming, but in her spare time she was always watching racing on TV. As soon as she was old enough to ride bike, she would always want to race the other kids in the neighborhood. Although she was swimming competitively and internationally over the next several years, she bugged her Dad to let her try car racing. In school she was always a good student but struggled in reading because of dyslexia. Cassie was always determined she would conquer this and her teachers were always impressed with her perseverance. Seeing her interest in racing, her father, John Gannis took her to South Mountain Park to watch the Quarter Midgets race. After months of constant reminding her dad that she wanted to race, he told her that if she read the rule books and learned all she could about the sport, he would see to it that she raced in a car. Determined to race, she learned all the rules in a few weeks. So the racing began! Dad and Cassie began with a used quarter midget that they both put together in the garage. As she began to win races they bought a new car. From there on, there was a no stopping Cassie’s need for speed. During this time she decided to pursue racing cars as life passion and career. Her passion for racing has continued into the Bandolero’s, then Legends, then ASA Speed Trucks, then Super Late Model and now Late Models.

Cassie has been recognized as an up and coming driver for several years. She is a graduate of the Lyn St. James Driving Academy and was a candidate for the 2009 Drive for Diversity Combine in South Boston, Virginia. She was 1 of 30 drivers chosen to compete in the 2010 Drive for Diversity Combine in Charlotte, North Carolina out of 5000 applicants. At the combine she was the fastest and most precise female driver in the Late Model competition. She was fortunate to make it into the semi finals along with 16 other drivers. As part of the 2010 Driver for Diversity Combine she will be a part of the “Changing Lanes” television series to being airing in early 2010 on the BET Network.

Cassie brings more to the table than just sharp racing skills. She is also a spokesperson and guest speaker on Teen Driving Safety issues (Boys and Girls Clubs of Arizona Community Safety Days, AAA of Southern California Safety Events, and CHP Designated Driver Program). Cassie has the ability and desire to impact other young people with her life story. In 2006, Cassie took 8 months off to have scoliosis surgery performed to correct a life threatening curvature in her spine. The surgery was a huge success and Cassie made a remarkable recovery and was back on the track within the year. This experience also allows her to speak to other young athletes facing serious health issues and communicate the hope of not only recovering but also becoming a better athlete through desire and motivation to beat the odds.

You can currently find Cassie chasing the wind and racing a NASCAR Super Late Model #7 in California, Arizona and Nevada!

I pledge:
Never drink or use drugs while driving
Never talk on cell phones while driving
Never apply makeup
Always use your turn signals
Always obey all speed signs

Believe driving is a privilege and we should all use common sense. Cars can be 2-tons weapons and should be handled with respect!


Cassie has been named as a candidate for NASCARs Drive for Diversity program for 2013!

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GSR Racing is pleased to announce they have signed a contract with Cassie Gannis to drive the final three races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West.


Balancing Power: Cassie Gannis’ Racing Dreams

When you dream, you want to be successful. You are also taught that if you work hard enough and have the drive, you will get there. For Cassie Gannis, her dreams are no different and she shows it. Gannis is part of NASCAR’s K&N Pro West Series but also compete in Super Late Model competition and even on the dirt in Tucson, AZ.

To become a great racer, one must have the experience and determination to get to the top. Gannis’ goal for this year is just that. “My goal this year is mainly to gain experience in any series,” Gannis said. “The next time I am running the West tour is in November at PIR, and run the Super Late Model Series at the Las Vegas Bullring, so it’s about getting the experience.” That also goes into her future goals to one day run in the Sprint Cup Series, but as well as get the experience to be a better racer for the future.

Gannis’ love for racing came early, with her dad competing. “My dad was a racer and I would always be with him learning about how to race,” Gannis said. “I loved being around him and watching him work and then I could work on the cars and that is how I got my start.” While her dad got her into racing, another person in her family was the person she looked up to. Her sister was always the person Gannis wanted to be around and she looked up to her when she was younger.

An intriguing thing about Gannis is with all the racing she does, she maintains a balance with regular life. “It is a challenge to balance it, with racing, the media to having time to yourself and your friends,” Gannis said. Part of that balancing act is graduating from college and being a veterinarian technician, which is another future goal of hers. “I have a big love for animals and animals love me. My main goal is to become a veterinarian, and being a vet technician is the first step to that,” Gannis said.

There are two causes dear to Gannis, the 101 Days of Summer Military Tour and the Don’t Text and Drive Campaign. For the 101 Days tour, Gannis takes trips to various military bases across the southwest. “We discuss safety to Marines and sometimes the Navy,” Gannis said. “The focus is safety on the highways, telling them don’t text and drive, as well as boating safety.” The Don’t Text and Drive campaign is one that is involves talking to school students, especially in high school, about the dangers of texting while driving. “I have seen stories in newspapers and online about someone seriously injured or dying from a person texting while driving,” Gannis said. “The purpose of this campaign is to tell kids to stop texting while driving and wait until you are home to do it.”

Cassie Gannis has a lot going on in her life. From racing, to graduating college, even speaking on military bases and students she has kept a great balance on everything. For her racing career she has proven to be one filled with potential and with the experience, she will find herself at the top.

Q&A with Cassie Gannis, NASCAR West Driver

RacingWest had a wonderful opportunity to do a brief Q&A with Cassie Gannis, driver of the No. 07 Ford in the NASCAR West series. She had some great answers, but we here at RacingWest especially appreciate her adoption of rescue dogs!

RacingWest We always like to know where you got your start in racing, what have been your biggest accomplishments and who have been your biggest supporters.

“I would most definitely say that my biggest supporters have been my family, followed closely by friends and what I call my racing family.” — Cassie Gannis

Cassie Gannis: I have always been interested in racing for as long as I can remember. As a kid I would watch NASCAR on TV instead of all the cartoons the other kids were watching. I also was interested in racing because of my Dad. He use to race Dwarf cars and IMCA’s on dirt. I would most definitely say that my biggest supporters have been my family, followed closely by friends and what I call my racing family.

RW: You will likely be the only woman racing in the NASCAR West race at Spokane. Do you feel that puts extra pressure on you?

CG: No, I am just another driver out there racing that happens to be female. I think with more women entering the sport successfully and proving themselves with some great driving the only pressure we have is the one all drivers have, which is to have a great race.

RW: Do you ever feel the men don’t think you deserve to be there?

CG: Sometimes yes, but as soon as I prove myself to them I find that most of my fellow racers tend to be very encouraging. I’m just another driver working to win the race.

RW: How do you plan to save the equipment at this race?

CG: Race a clean race and stay out of trouble the best I can.

RW: What is your personal goal for the Spokane race?

CG: A top 10 finish

RW: When you aren’t racing do you have any other hobbies you enjoy?

CG: I enjoy speaking on my My Teen Driving Safety Program where I speak on safety issues affecting teen drivers, Go Karting, swimming for exercise and playing with my dogs.

RW: Any pets?

CG: 3 dogs- all rescue dogs! HOBO, Oreo and Coco. All great dogs with great personalities. They do make me laugh!

RW: Back to Spokane—how have you prepared yourself for this race?

CG: As always, being as familiar as possible with the equipment and the track is at the top of the list. I’ve never raced at Spokane so my practice runs will be very important. I have studied some video’s on You Tube of the track and that will at least give me some added perspective. Also, we sometimes forget that racing is very much an athletic sport. I eat right and make sure I’m appropriately rested for the physical aspects of the race. That also really helps my concentration and focus.

RW: Who can you thank for opportunity to race the West?

CG: My family first! My Mom, Dad, Sister and Margaret Guerra Rogers. My sponsor – -Heather and Mike Yost. They are my biggest fans and usually travel with me. And Greg Rayl racing team, Monty Shaw and GJM Motorsports.

RW: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Hope you don’t mind if we ask you more in the very near future! Best of luck this weekend…and have fun!

GSR Racing Announces Driver for remaining Nascar K&N Pro Series West 2011 Season

GSR Racing is pleased to announce they have signed a contract with Cassie Gannis to drive the final three races in the Nascar K&N Pro Series West. The Spokane “200” continues Cassie’s expansion into the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West race schedule and marks her third race as part of the GSR Racing Team.

“It’s a real pleasure and privilege to be part of the GSR Racing Team and to finish out this season for them.” Cassie said, “Greg and his team are passionate about racing and are exciting competitors to work with!”

“Cassie is an impressive athlete” GSR Racing Owner and Driver Greg Rayl said. “She’s smart and knows how to take care of the equipment and has the talent to run up front. We’re excited to have her drive for us and look forward her success with our team.”

Cassie will be driving the GSR Racing #07 Ford Fusion, sponsored by

About Cassie Gannis

Twenty?year?old Cassie Gannis ( has been a standout since she decided to hit the tracks at age 10, consistently placing in the top five in the Quarter Midget Racing. She owns the 2003 Arizona State Championship in the Bandolero Series and 2005 Rookie of the Year in the Legend Series. Cassie is a Graduate of the Lyn St. James Driver Development Academy and a passionate messenger and guest speaker on teen driving safety issues on behalf of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Arizona, the CHP Designated Drivers Program, AAA of Southern California, Driving MBA, and Community Tires of Arizona. Cassie is currently working for Drivetech as a Professional Racecar Driver providing NASCAR ride?a?longs for corporate clients and team building exercises. In 2010, she became 1 of 30 drivers’ nation?wide chosen to compete in the Drive for Diversity Combine in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was the fastest and most precise female driver in the Late Model competition. As part of the 2010 Drive for Diversity Combine, Cassie became part of the “Changing Lanes” television series on the BET Network. You’ll also find Cassie racing her NASCAR Super Late Model #7 in California, Arizona and Nevada!



Professional Training

  • 1 of 30 drivers chosen to attend 2010 NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Combine in Oct 2009 in Charlotte, NC and Motor Mile Speedway in Virgina 2009 out of 5000 applicants (Cassie had the fastest female Late Model Time and placed second in the overall Late Model Competition)
  • Chosen to attend 2009 NASCAR's Drive for Diversity Combine on Oct. 13-14 in South Boston, Va 2008
  • Driving Instructor for Trackdays/Infiniti of Scottsdale, Firebird Raceway April 2008
  • Pro Auto Sports High Performance and Defensive Driving, Firebird Raceway March 2008
  • Honored Guest at Women in the Winners Circle Celebration Luncheon: Honoring Women in Motorsports, Indianapolis Motor Speedway July 26, 2007
  • Lyn St. James Driver Development Program, November 2006

Racing Experience and Accomplishments

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series

  • 2008-10 - High Point Racing 4 top 5/8 top 10 TRP finished 7th in points/Las Vegas "Bull Ring" finished 19th in points
  • 2007 2 top 5/7 top 10 finishes in only 11 races TRP finished 11th in points
    Present Race Tracks: Tucson Raceway Park; Las Vegas Motor Speedway “The Bullring”; Orange Show Speedway; Irwindale Raceway
  • 2006 ASA Speed Truck Series

INEX Legends Series

  • 2005 Rookie of the Year and placed 3rd in points
  • 2004 – 2007 Race Tracks: Tucson Raceway Park; Las Vegas Motor Speedway “The Bullring”; Orange Show Speedway; Irwindale Raceway

INEX Bandolero Series

  • 2003 – 2005 Race Tracks: Tucson Raceway Park; Las Vegas Motor Speedway “The Bullring”; Lucas Oil I-10 Speedway
  • 2003 Arizona State Champion

Quarter Midget Series (15 top 5 finishes/18 races)

  • 1999 – 2003 Race Tracks: South Mountain Park; Tucson Quarter Midget Track

Personal and Professional Goals

“To experience an opportunity to grow as a competitive driver and win a title for my sponsor”

  • 2010 Competing in NASCAR Super Late Series and select Camping World West Series
  • Winning a Track Championship and Rookie of the Year at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale, California
  • NASCAR Camping World Series West
  • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
  • NASCAR Nationwide Series
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Series



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