We raced in Parker, AZ but we DNF'd. I'm racing in a new class this season. Jeepspeed. This was our first race. She need a little bit of shaking down. We broke a lower link...fixed it and 20 miles later broke the other lower link. We limped for 10 hours back to the pit. We had a GREAT race! The Jeep is in great condition. She is a huge contender for this season. Our next race is March 31st in Barstow (MDR.)

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Name: Sigal Greenberg
Birthday: November 1st
Favorite Color: Hot Pink
Favorite Book: The Eight
Favorite Movies:The Abyss/Dust to Glory
Favorite Food: DIRT!!
Favorite Quote: Its All Good

I am Sigal Greenberg, and I'm not your typical woman. I own/drive Sigal Racing LLC. I am a 40 year old woman, racing class 9, with SCORE International, Best In the Desert, MORE, and CODE. In 2005 with SCORE, I took second place in points overall in my class. The team also took second place in the Baja 1000, Baja 500, Primm 300 and the San Felipe 250. It has been an exceptional season!

Three years ago, I continued to pursue the extraordinary. I took myself back to school and became a race car mechanic at Jim Russell Racing Drivers School in Sonoma, Calif., in the Mechanic Training Program. Whiles in school, I started racing with VORRA. I realized at this point my career was definitely heading down a exhilarating path.

Since I wanted to race with SCORE International, I moved to Phoenix, AZ to get closer to my dreams. I deem myself a role model, for all women who opt for careers in non-traditional industries or anyone who aspires to be unique.


The Team had a great finish this season with SCORE International taking 2nd over all in points, and Best In the Desert. Winning Season Champion in Class 9!!! 2006 Turned out to be a great season!!


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