Currently racing NASCAR Mini Stocks at Tucson Raceway Park. 2007 Season has been 15 Starts, 15 Top 5's and 10 Main Event Wins. She has clinched the Championship with 2 races remaining.


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Becky has always been interested in sports. She was heavily involved in Track, Volleyball and Softball throughout her school years. She competed with the #22, so for Becky to desire the number 22 on the factory stock car she started at TRP in 2002, came as no surprise. Becky spent some of her free time racing motorcycles with her family. She also grew up with an interest in car racing, her father had been involved in Drag Racing, then gave it up to raise the family.

There were times as Becky was growing up, that her father encouraged her to learn more about cars. He taught her how to perform maintenance and repairs on her first car. There were many times that Becky spent under the hood of her car with her Dad, instead of going out with her friends. At the age of 17, Becky lost her father in an aircraft accident, he was only 42 years old. She did however, retain all that he taught her.

Becky finished 2nd in the point standings racing SCCA in 2001, even after quitting the season early to go circle track racing. She was leading by a large margin with 5 races remaining, when she left to TRP.

Becky attended Nursing School and graduated in 1988 as Class President of her nursing class. She went directly into specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, where she remained until 1997. Becky's interest went to Orthopedics then Cardiology for some time, but eventually her interests changed and then she worked as a Surgical Assistant. After many years of nursing, Becky got out of the healthcare profession and opened an automotive repair shop with Bill.

Becky's Crew Chief for the #22 Factory Stock in 2002 was her husband, Bill Harrington. He built the car she raced. He also built Becky's new FS car, which she raced in the 2003 season. Bill took over the car Becky raced in the 2002 season so that he could join Becky out on the track. It was the #2 Factory Stock and the paint scheme for the #2 was identical to Becky's. The husband and wife team carry the name "Deuce's Wild Racing".

The history behind the #22 from 2002, is that Bill Harrington ran the car in the 2001 season as the #122. Due to work obligations and the lack of assistance in the pits, it was virtually impossible to have a successful season. He then gave Becky the opportunity to run the car so that he could place his focus primarily on set-up. The #122 had a start in the 2001 season as a completely new car that was fabricated by Bill.


2007 Stats

16 Main Event Starts
16 Top 5 Finishes
11 Main Event Wins
Fastest Qualifier
1 Trophy Dash Win

2007 - Clinched NASCAR Mini Stock Championship
2006 - 3RD Place in the NASCAR Point Standings



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