BWRDC Members Rally to Wales (25 April 2005)

The British Rally Championship started on the weekend of 23/24th April with the International Rally of Wales. The event also incorporated the Wales Star of the Future and the Gwynedd Rally over selected stages. In the main event our two BWRDC rally trophy winners Kate Heath (drivers' champion) and Gemma Price (co-drivers' champion) were both looking to make good starts to their season. For Kate Heath the event was doubly special as it was her tenth wedding anniversary to husband and co-driver Paul. Being an aluminium celebration Kate had hoped for a little romantic present in the shape of a spare gearbox or a pair of alloy wishbones. Not having seen how much paper Paul bought to wrap her present in we cannot confirm which she got. Her reward for the weekend was to finish 25th in her Subaru Impreza. Gemma without an occasion to celebrate guided her driver Paul Wedgebury to 7th overall and a third place in class so they could at least share in some of the Heath’s anniversary champagne. In the Wales Star of the Future event Aggie Foster guided her former Autotester Holly Bailey round to a successful 15th place finish in the MGZR. This new all girl team, sponsored by Pretty Polly, includes an all girl service team as well. A little bit of feminine intuition ensured they had a car to compete with as they had to grab it quickly from the factory before MG Rover was placed into administration. The British series moves onto Cumbria for the Pirelli International Rally on May 20th/21st where hopefully all the girls will be looking for yet another successful finish. See www.brcweb.co.uk for pictures and more details of British Rallying..

Kate Heath - Winner of the Louise Aitken-Walker Rally Drivers Cup
Kate drives a Subaru Imprezza, her co-driver is Paul Heath and they finished 5th overall in the British Rally Championship Production Cup Class.

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