Lasts and Lasts Driver Kirsty Last is set to represent nation at A1GP Australia round! She is the first lucky recipient of the Women in Motorsport Scholarship. This scholarship means that Kirsty will be a part of the A1GP Australia team for the Eastern Creek and Dubai rounds. The scholarship, awarded by the NSW Premier's office for Women, comprises all costs for travel and accomodation as well as a position as a pit crew team member. The scholarship selection was based on passion for the sport as well as training, qualifications and interest in a motorsport career.

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April 2006 - Back in the Game!

After a less than perfect start to the season in missing the first round of the NSW state championships at Wakefield Park, Lasts and Lasts have their sights set on the next round of the championships in just 3 short weeks.

Eastern Creek is home to round 2 and is also the site of the accident in round 2 of the 2005 championships that took Lasts and Lasts out for the rest of the season. Whilist some may view this as an omen, Lasts and Lasts are looking forward to making up for past wrongs.

But they aren't coming un-prepared. Testing and practice are on the books, as well as some much needed adjustments to the little blue elfin. What Lasts and Lasts hopes to bring to the 2006 is a more competitive package with the ability to furfill all of that latent potential that the team has been suffering with over the last 2 seasons.

The gearbox problem that held them out of the first round has been well and truly delt with and the car is now back together and complete, ready for the first oppertunity to go testing and get some impressive times out!

For further details and regular updates on the progress of the team, please check out Kirsty's Blog



Though a newbie to actually driving a racecar, Kirsty has spent most of her life watching, talking about and wishing she were a part of racing...

For a good part of her life she has idolised female race drivers such as Sue Ransom, Leanne Ferrier, Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick. Today, she has made the step out of the grandstand and into pit lane.

Name: Kirsty Louise Last
Age: 20
POB: Belmont, NSW
Resides: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Siblings: Tiffany and Shaun
Olds: Danny and Margaret
Hobbys: Racing cars, watching racing, working on cars, watersports, football and cruising
Fav. Food: Fruit Salad and any of Mum's cooking
Fav. Movie: Herbie: Fully Loaded, Legally Blonde
Fav. TV shows: Footy Show, Sports Tonight, RPM and The Dukes of Hazard
Fav. Band: U2, The Living End, Franz Ferdinand, United


First Race Meeting Attended: Newcastle Speedway
Fav. Track to Race: Wakefield Park
Fav. Track to Spectate: Oran Park
Best Racing moment: 2 Seconds in to 2 seconds before end of Race 1, Round 2, 2005
Worst Racing moment: 2 seconds before end to everything after going into the wall in Race 1, Round 2, 2005
Fav. Drivers: Senna, Raikkonen, The Wills, Danica Patrick, Sarah Fisher and Mrs Tander


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