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Fiona Leggate - 3rd in the Goodwin Racing Trophy
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Nationality: British
Born: 28th May 1980
Status: Single
Car: Vauxhall Astra Coupe
Championship: MSA Dunlop British Touring Car Championship / EERC Endurance Racing

22nd December 2005

Today Fiona has had to go to hospital for an operation on her wrist!

Fiona has been suffering from nerve damage for the last couple of months. The cause of this is due to the right hand gear changes she makes in her left hand drive British Touring Championship Car.

Fiona is regularly in the gym keeping up her fitness but the hitting of the sequential gear stick has put pressure on her wrist. Some of you may have notice that Fiona had her wrist tightly strapped at race meetings. This was to strengthen and support her wrist, which was causing her a lot of pain and affecting the way she drove.

This morning Fiona was in good spirit although a little nervous, she said “I am very pleased I am having this operation as it will take away the pain, I just hope I can manage to hold my knife and fork for my Christmas Dinner!”

Finally, we would like to thank all of Fiona’s Friends and Fans for all of their support. We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

Keep an eye on the website for good news in 2006!

British Touring Car Championship newcomer Fiona Leggate has been voted "Best Rookie" in the Fans' Survey. The 25-year old from Lincolnshire whose father, Malcolm, competed in Saloon Cars for some 19 years, took 44% of the poll in front of SEAT's James Pickford (38%) and Vauxhall's Gavin Smith (16%), both factory drivers. With only two full years previous racing experience (in Britcar) Fiona had a late deal to race in the EEMS (Energy Efficient Motorsport project) supported bio-ethanol fuelled "old-shape" ex-Triple Eight Vauxhall Astra Coupe run by Marvin Humphries's Tech-Speed organisation (based at Leamington Spa). As the Fans' citation says : "Fiona did extremely well; at each race weekend progress was made. She lapped within a second of some of the (newer) Works cars and ended up achieving a fifth place finish at Silverstone." She races an MG in various British Championships.

A bit of History from Fiona

"From an early age I have always taken an interest in sport. At the age of 7 years I started horse riding. Doing various dressage showjumping and cross country jumping. I continued to do this until the age of 15 years when I discovered boy's and also had to start concentrating on my GCSE's. I got the grade's I needed to continue doing my A level's. Although I was not sure what I wanted to do after completing them, I did 1 year of my A level's and then decided that it was not for me and left school.

Motorsport has always been in my blood brought up on the smell of race feul and the sound of engine's, weekend's were spent with my father (Malcolm Leggate) during his 19 year's in Saloon Car Racing. Malcolm's success saw him compete in the British Touring Car Championship, which is the highest level of motorsport in the UK. A bond was formed from an early age between me and all thing's quick, this had a big influence me and entering motorsport soon became my ultimate goal.

However I decided I needed to broaden my horizon's and experience life outside of lincolnshire. I moved to York to work in a well known lesuire complex. I lived and worked in York for about 3 year's. There I had a fantastic time and met load's of genuinely nice people. After I got a few of my partying year's out of my system, I moved back to Lincolnshire to work in the family business.

It was then that I made the decision to enter a competition to win a drive with none other than Gwyndaff Evans the ex British Rally Champion. I won along with about 15 other people (me being the only girl !!!) and had a day at the Phil Price Rally School in Wales. This day was a total eye opener for me, and completely made my mind up that motorsport was for me.

This is where it all started. In January 2003 I decided to start racing saloon car's. For my first season a package was sorted out with MG Sport & Racing.

Don't get me wrong I am still a typical girl. I love having my hair done going for manicure's and working out at the gym, however my top priority nowday's is definatly my racing."

Fiona Leggate to Race on Sugar Based Fuel

Top Lincolnshire Motor racing driver Fiona Leggate has not only confirmed that she will be the first girl to race in the British Touring Car Championship for 6 years, but her car, the 2004 Works Vauxhall Astra prepared by Junior Vauxhall Team Techspeed, will also be running on the most exciting new fuel for the future…Bio-ethanol. As reported in the press only a couple of weeks ago, up to 85 percent of the fuel you buy at the pumps could be Bio-ethanol, processed from crops such as sugar beet and wheat. The fields of Lincolnshire could be supplying the fuel in your tank in the future, for local farmers girl Fiona Leggate the future is now!

Being the daughter of a Lincolnshire farmer has just become an added bonus for Fiona Leggate, who has worked extremely hard to get into the Top Flight of British Motorsport. With the Techspeed prepared Vauxhall Astra running on environmentally friendly Bio-ethanol and being driven by a daughter of a Lincolnshire farmer, Fiona fits the bill perfectly to lead the way in support of the British farmer and the introduction of a bio fuel. British Farmers are having a hard time, as there is a surplus of wheat and quotas on sugar beet, NFU secretary Cathy Clay said her members would love a move to look at introducing bio fuel as another avenue for them to sell their crops. The amount of agricultural land available to grow this sort of crop is staggering – potentially, there is a vast source of fuel. But it doesn’t stop there, as Bio-ethanol is a renewable fuel, it helps against global warning and the environment.

Fiona’s and her Techspeed Vauxhall Astra will be the centre of attention when she joins the British Touring Car Championship in July. Not only will ITV, Sky TV, Motors TV and a whole host of motorsport media be after a picture and interview with the first girl in the British Touring Car Championship for 6 years, there will also be eyes from all around the World watching how the Bio-ethanol fuelled Vauxhall Astra performs! The car will be decorated with a similar design as the red and white Works Astra’s but with an eco-friendly feel. White with Green slashes down the sides will set the tone for Fiona’s Vauxhall Astra, while her racesuit will be bright Green with a white collar and cuff’s. Of course Fiona will be sticking with her brightly coloured crash helmet, which is pink and yellow and carries the Union Jack on the top!

"I think bio-ethanol is to be the fuel of the future, potentially it could become the Worlds most economically producible fuel source. It will be nice to think I could be helping the English Farmer who generally has a difficult time and I am will also be helping the environment be reducing global warming" Fiona said.

Fiona Leggate - 3rd in the Goodwin Racing Trophy

Fiona raced in the MG Car Club MG Trophy Championship where she won the Windmill Trophy for the fastest lap at Silverstone and was the top lady driver in the MG Car Club. She achieved 7 Class Wins and 9 Fastest Laps. She also raced in the Britcar Enduro series, sharing drives with Anthony Reid and Tony Jardine. She also gained an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for the most number of races in a 24 hour period.


  • Finished 1st in class 3 and 3rd overall in championship. Fiona had 5 1st in class and 7 fastest laps.
  • MG Trophy - MG ZR
  • Finished 6th overall with 1 fastest lap at Brands Hatch.
  • Abingdon Trophy Pitstop Race
  • Finished 1st overall with fastest lap
  • MG Single Driver Enduro Race
  • Finished 1st overall with fastest lap
  • Winner of the MG Car Club Windmill Trophy (fastest lady at silverstone)
  • MG Car Club Top Lady Driver
  • Lincolnshire MG Car Club fastest lady driver.
  • Official Guinness World Record Holder 2004 - most motor races in 24 hours (confirmed)

Cars Driven 2004

  • MG ZR 190 - Trophy Series - Boston Bowl Sponsored
  • MG ZR 190 - Trophy Series - PlayTowers Sponsored
  • Works MG ZR 140 - Lombard Revival Rally
  • Works MG ZR 210 Judd - BritCar Class 3
  • Works MG ZR 190 - BritCar Class 4 - 1st ever all girl team in Britcar
  • Works TVR Tuscan - TVR Challenge
  • BMW M3 Super Mini - Zolder 24 hrs - 1st ever all girl team in Belcar
  • Historic MGB (Owner Paul White)
  • West Surrey Racing MG ZS Sprint Saloon

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