Kristal has been involved in racing for many years. She started out as the crew chief on Mike Loescher's "all girl pit crew." Up until November of 1987, Kristal had never raced in actual modified competition. As the school's first student, Kristal's first year was an impressive one. Of the 73 races she entered, she had 6 feature wins, 52 top five finishes, 13 heat race wins and was second in the modified point championship.

The rapid success in her racing career was a direct result of Mike's coaching. It was at this point that Mike realized that he had a unique talent that he needed to share with the racing public that was hungry for knowledge.

Kristal was the first female on Team Valvoline, and soon there after became a National Spokesperson for Champion Spark Plugs. She also recently has accomplished 3 years marketing and sponsorship for a short track in Georgia. Because of this experience Kristal is a race car driver and promoter rolled into one. Any questions about sponsorship can be answered by Kristal, as she considers herself to be knowledgeable in the "sponsor" hunt and public relations field.

Kristal's main objective in the school is to record the students lap times and write down comments to be used by Mike as he's debriefing the student. The notes are constructive criticism and meant to point out a students driving "weaknesses". The time sheets are passed out to each student at the end of each day.

Source: Loescher, Kristal , E-Mail

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