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One of NASCAR's few female race car drivers. This enthusiastic red head continues to press forward to the checkered flag in NASCAR's tough competition.

Teri first drove a go-kart at the age of four. Her parents tell stories of how she could only reach one peddle, so she picked the gas. And it was full throttle ever since. Her first real race came at the early age of 11 in go-karts. At 16, she raced her brother, Randy's street stock car three times. This is where Teri captured her first checkered flag, and also her first lesson in not lifting until you actually pass the start/finish line.

It was not until 1990 then her career became focused on professional racing. From 1990-1999 Teri competed in professional road racing, on both sides of the border. She ran in the Firestone Firehawk series, taking the Rookie of the year and a number of other awards, wins, and top tens.

In 2000 she turned her career to the oval tracks, competing in ASA, CASCAR and NASCAR's Craftsman Truck series. In 2002 Teri and brother Randy made NASCAR history, when they became the first Brother-Sister combo to compete against each other in the modern era of racing. They raced at Memphis in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series (NCTS) finishing 20th and 29th.

In 2004 Teri purchased a Super Truck to race at Caraway Speedway in NC on her weekends off. During 2004, MacDonald Motorsports sold their interest in the NCTS, which only allowed Teri to compete in two NCTS races.

Racing Milestones

2005 - Teri hopes to make her first NASCAR BUSCH Series start / 10 race program

2003 - Competed in selected NASCAR Craftsman truck races

2002 - Made NASCAR history. First brother/sister to compete against each other in the modern era. Randy finished 20th Teri finished 29th

2001 - Competed in CASCAR's Super Series, winning the "Hard Charger" award for passing over 90 cars in fourteen races, highest finish 4th, runner up "Rookie of the Year"

2000 - Made move to oval track - competing in six ASA races, GM Goodwrench. Within 4 races, Teri qualified in top 10 finished in top 20

1998 - Was the highest-ranking professional female race car driver in North America , finishing 4th in the points race (IMSA)

1997 - Teri broke her neck, (C-2 vertebrae) in three places. She would take the remainder of the year off

1995 - Runner up Champion - missed the championship by 37 points in IMSA - PSC professional road race series

1994 - won "Most Improved Driver" in Professional Road racing, Enduro-Firehawk series

1990 - Won "Rookie of the Year" in Professional Road racing, Firehawk series


Fun Facts

These are some of Teri's Favorite things:

Fruit: Raspberries, Kiwi

Dinner: Thai, Greek

Ice Cream: Haagen Dazs -Swiss Vanilla Almond

Singer: Wayne Watson, Point of Grace

Actress: Lucille Ball

Movies: Super Dad, Days of Thunder

Sports: Auto Racing

Hobbies: Travelling, Horseback Riding

Snacks: Gummy Bears, Tootsie Rolls, Popcorn

Pets: Cat - Turbo

TV Shows: I Love Lucy, Seinfeld

Book: The Greatest ever written the "BIBLE"

Most Amusing Country: Red China , Hong Kong

Worst Car ever drove: 1966 Acadian

Dream Car: Porsche 911

Best Friend: My Husband, Charles

Most Admired Person: Jesus Christ

Most Aggravating Situation: People who don't drive correctly, (slowly & absent minded). People that get into the elevator for one floor (10-11) when you are going from the lobby to the top (1-16)

Dreaded weekly chore: Getting Gas

Fastest ever traveled: Daytona Int'l Speedway 181 mph (NASCAR Craftsman Truck '02)

Worst Racing Accident: Crashing, spinning & rolling at Road Atlanta (97). Broke my neck in three places, but due to the power of prayer & God's healing, was fully restored, back driving PPG Pace Car 12 weeks later

Most Memorable Award: Being the top professional female racecar driver in NA in '98 finishing 4th, after breaking my neck the prior year/Rookie of the Year ‘90, Most Improved Driver ‘94, 2nd in Championship '95

Favorite Quote: "With hard work, Determination & GOD, All dreams are possible"

Important Qualities: To be honest with each other and yourself. Be slow to judge and quick to forgive. Always look for the best in people and encourage one another on a regular basis.

Teri is a multi diverse female. She wears many different hats, several times a week.

Teri grew up on the move, born in Ontario, Canada , she has lived on the west coast and southern parts of Canada, as well as, VT and FL. She now resides in Greensboro NC with husband Charles, and their Russian Blue Cat named Turbo.

Teri's family owns and operates MacDonald Motorsports, a full time NASCAR Busch series team. During the week, Teri can be found in the office, seeking new sponsors, scheduling the teams travel, doing public relations and whatever else needs done. On race weekends, her first responsiblity is as Team Spotter. But she also helps with cooking the crew lunches, and works in the media center doing some press relations. "Being a spotter is the next best thing to be the driver. It is a ton of stress keeping your driver informed and safe while they are traveling at speeds of over 150 miiles per hour" states Teri. During her off time, you can find Teri racing around the local half mile speedway in her super truck. She is hoping to get behind the wheel of the Busch car for a few races in 2005.

Racing is Teri's passion and has been her driving force for many years, but she is interested in many other areas. She has a love for people and enjoys speaking to different age groups regarding her faith, her life and her racing passion. Teri has learnt that priorities and prayer are two of the most important things in life. "God must be our first priority, and we can only learn to put him first by spending time with him in prayer and reading his word, the bible."

Teri is a natural behind the TV camera and has shown her talent to Disney, ABC and many other networks. She hosted Disney's Car Ready, helped produce and host her own show, “Rev it Up” and was co-star on GoodNews Sports. She is always looking for other opportunities to get behind the camera.

Teri has traveled the world. Following her B.Sc. degree from Florida Atlantic University , she and a group of students traveled to Asia for a month to learn about it's history. Teri did her thesis paper on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. When she returned to the USA , she began her Master degree, but has yet to finish it.

Teri's education did not come easy for her. Early on, she struggled with learning disabilities. She had mild dyslexia and attention-deficit disorder. Early on Teri's teachers told her parents not to expect great things from Teri, she just did not have it in her. God had other plans and today Teri is successful in many ways!!

From 1990 to 1999 Teri was a member of the PPG Pace car team. Teri traveled the CART - IndyCar circuit driving the bright colored, highly tuned performance cars, often given guests the rides of their lives. Her favorite race was Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Teri has a spirit of adventure and loves to see the world. She and her husband Charles, spent their honeymood traveling from coast to coast through New Zealand. She has also spent time in Europe and Brazil.

Teri's interest and knowledge of the automobile has positioned her as a free-lance writer and speaker for various newspapers, magazines and television shows. She was just the third female to join AJAC (Automobile Journalist Association of Canada) back in 1994.

In 2004 Teri completed her first of three children's books. She is now waiting and seeking a publishing house and an illustrator. “PUFF” is a small-unwanted pillow that finds love and purpose. “CAR PAINT” is a dream come true for a little car. And “BLUEY BLUE” is about accepting what you cannot change.

While learning about the book industry, Teri became friends with Alive Communications in Colorado, and now this agency in representing Teri. With the help of writers Donna Wallace and Todd Hillard, the trio has prepared to write three books. Alive sent the proposal to nine Publishing houses, and they are currently awaiting a contract.

Source: www.terimacdonald.com

No information on her web site since 2004 when she competed in two NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

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