McCann appears in 18 month Women in the Winner's Circle 2007 calendar along with 17 other women throughout the motorsports field.

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Veronica won the Western Australian Saloon Car Association Junior Sedan title.

Veronica Starts Off The New Year With A Podium Finish

Monday January 9, 2006.

The New Year bought in a change of luck so far this season for the team at RHR with Veronica making her way up to a podium finish in the annual Sprintcar Muster at the Kwinana Motorplex last Monday night.

Mccann Back In The Game

Monday December 26, 2005.

This coming Tuesday at the Kwinana Motorplex, round 6 of the AHG Sprintcar Series signals the return for the team at RHR after an unwanted three round break and Veronica McCann will be back to pilot the SlingLift & Rigging / WA Fork Trucks #50 Murphy Sprintcar.

Tuesday December 27 2005

AHG Sprintcars Rd 6 @ Quit Motorplex Kwinana

Heat Started In Position 6. Finished 5th

Heat Started In Position 13. Finished 7th

A-Main Started In Position 6. Finished 7th

Veronica – Back From The USA

Tuesday December 6, 2005.

On arrival back into Australia one day before the USA vs. WA Speedweek opener at the Kwinana Motorplex, Veronica summed up her experience at the Lyn St James Driver Development program easily, “There is nothing else like it”.

Mccann’s Back To Monster The Motorplex

Saturday November 26, 2005.

22 Year Old Red Hot Veronica McCann is back and ready to take on Round 3 of AHG Sprintcar Series at The Quit Motorplex Kwinana Beach this Saturday 26th November 2005. McCann has been Absent from the West Coast Sprintcar action for 2 Weeks having been away in the BIG SMOKE the United States Of America, Stay Tuned For a Huge update from Red Hot Roni herself…….

Saturday November 26 2005

AHG Sprintcars Rd 3 @ Quit Motorplex Kwinana

Heat Started In Position 3. No Finish Result


Name: Veronica McCann
Nickname: Red Hot Roni
Birthdate: 24th August 1983
Resides: Perth, Western Australia
Fav. Drink: Water
Fav. Food: Nandos/Chinese
Fav. Movie: Fast and the Furious
Fav. Actor: Michael Rooker/Will Ferral
Age first raced: 9
Division: Odysseys (NSW)
Favourite track: Kwinana Motorplex
Competition - Spring Cars

Monday January 2 2006

Sprintcar Muster @ Quit Motorplex Kwinana

Heat Started In Position 2. Finished 1st

Heat Finished 7th

A-Main Started In Position 7. Finished 3rd

Saturday November 5 2005

AHG Sprintcars Rd 1 @ Quit Motorplex Kwinana

Heat Started In Position 4. No Finish Result

Heat Started In Position 3. Finished 4th

B-Main Started In Position 3. Finished 3rd

A-Main Started In Position 17. No Finish Result

Car No C/E/T S F Qual Speed Laps XL LL Status Pts

Sat, 09 Sep 2006 - Chicagoland Speedway United & Classic Trailers 3 D//F 14 11 182.279 67 0 0 Running 19



Veronica failed to qualify for the 200 Endurance Go-Kart race, which saw the Conlin sisters and teammate Lynsey Tilton finish 16th, one spot behind Tomas Scheckter (15th) and ahead of Heather Bloyd (26th), Sarah Fisher (31st), Katherine Legge (31), Dan Weldom (34), and Scott Dixon (35).

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