Rough night ... 11th place finish for Shannon but moved to 9th in points. 

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Shannon Mcdermott
Date of Birth: April 27th 1986
Hometown: Hillsdale, Ny
Other Hobbies/Interests: Working on the racecar, skiing, basketball and hanging out with friends.
TV Show: Laguna Beach
Started Racing: 2001
Current Division: Pure Stocks
Divisions Raced: Pure Stocks
Career Wins: 6
Memorable Racing Moment(s):
My first win! Favorite Track(s):
Lebanon and Fonda
Favorite Driver(s): Jeff Watson, Danny Watson and Ryan Larkin

Shannon Mc Dermott races at Lebanon valley. She has been racing going on 5 years. She is 20 years old she is in the purestock class. There are about 50 car's in that division. Right now she is 6 th in the points. This year she has won 3 races and her first win was opening night. Shannon has a website if anyone would like to check it out from week to week to see how she is doing. It's updated every week with the results and new pictures there's a place to leave a message if you'd like.

"I started going to the races when I was around 7 years old. As I got older I really got interested in racing. When I was about 13 years old I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to race. I kept telling Dad and Mom that I would really like a race car. On my 15th birthday my uncle who raced in the rookie division let me take his rookie car out, what an awesome birthday present! After that I was hooked on racing. I guess you could probably say that racing is in my blood because both of my grandfathers used to race. After I had raced my uncles car, I kept going on to the classifieds trying to get Dad and Mom to buy me one of my own, finally I got them to break down and get me one. Basically ever since then all I do is live and breathe racing, it is the only thing on my mind. If it wasn't for my Dad I wouldn't be able to do this, he spends all winter working on the car with me so I can race. Also I have to say Thank You to Danny Watson because he helps me out alot too."

Pure Stock #3 Results (8 Laps) - 1 Pete Weigand, 2 Ray Hall Sr, 3 Matt Humes, 4 Bob Palmer, 5 Shannon McDermott, 6 Al Relyea, 7 Larry Ball, 8 John Chapman, 9 Lynn Wesley, 10 Steve Kahler Jr, 11 Chrissy Hilt

Pure Stock #4 had the hard charging #2 of Shannon McDermott take the checkers. Following McDermott acrossed the line was Dave Steibel, Mike Eichstedt, Paul Engwer, and Ed Hatch.

Full Results
Pure Stock #4 (8 Laps) - 1 Shannon McDermott, 2 Dave Streibel, 3 Mike Eichstedt, 4 Paul Engwer, 5 Ed Hatch, 6 Howard Madsen, 7 Jay Kreutziger Jr, 8 Mike Fachini, 9 E. J. Legeyt, 10 Robert Hammell, 11Tim Sayers, 12 Lloyd Tomlin

Pure Stock #3 Results (8 Laps) - 1 Pete Wiegand, 2 Al Relyea, 3 Matt Humes, 4 Bob Palmer, 5 John Chapman, 6 Tom Harkins, 7 Ray Hall Sr, 8 Larry Ball, 9 Rich Douglass, 10 Mike Fachini, 11 Dave Streibel, 12 Shannon McDermott, 13 Brian Houghtaling, 14 Jesse Murphy

Pure Stock #3 Results (8 Laps) - 1 Pete Weigand, 2 Al Relyea, 3 Matt Humes, 4 John Chapman, 5 Brian Houghtaling, 6 Ray Hall Sr, 7 Bob Palmer, 8 Steve Kahler Jr, 9 Larry Ball, 10 Steve Hatch, 11 Mike Eichstedt, 12 Chrissy Hilt, 13 Dave Streibel, 14 Shannon McDermott

POS DRIVER CAR # POINTS - Points as Of 08.19.06

1 Pete Weigand ********* 78 386 POINTS OUT
2 Al Relyea * 14 349 37
3 Matt Humes *** 0 344 42
4 Bob Palmer 29 301 85
5 Ray Hall Sr 27 288 98
6 Shannon McDermott *** 2 285 101
7 John Chapman 00 279 107
8 Dave Streibel **** 073 278 108
9 Chrissy Hilt * 49 276 110
10 Dave Stickles * 55 275 111

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