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Birthdate: 7/27/1974
Birthplace: Denmark
Current Home: Denmark
Your encouragement: Go for it!

When fellow racers ask me what I do for a living they often literally drop their jaw in surprise. The combination of being a racer and a librarian is something both racers and colleagues remember me by which is the reason why I chose to buy the domain name

I live in Denmark but the closest race track is Swedish Knutstorp where I have done many laps. There are very few circuits in Denmark so I’ve always looked to Sweden. Even some of the Danish Championship meetings have taken place in Sweden let alone Poland and France!

In 2008 I went to one race in Germany and soon after I was mainly racing in Germany and the Czech Republic. It means spending more time travelling, but the circuits are fantastic and the events so well organized that I just can’t keep away.


I bought my first motorcycle in 1999, went to my first track day 3 months later and got my race licence in 2002. My first race bike was a Suzuki RGV 250 whose engine blew up after 7 days as we knew very little about 2-strokes at the time. It was replaced by an Aprilia RS 250 which I raced for 2 years, but I never quite came to terms with the way 2-strokes needs to be kept at the right rpm’s all the time.

I love 2-strokes, but I’m just crap at racing them so I swapped it for a R6 and have stuck to R6’s ever since. I’ve owned a supersport 1999 for 5 years, 2 2006 models and in 2010 I’ll be racing a 2009 model.


Personal Bests (Circuit/TimeYear/Bike/Comments )

  • Anderstorp 1:53.319 2008 R6 ‘99 Endurance race in cold wet conditions
  • Brno 2:24.485 2009 R6 ‘07 Really bad, nothing worked out for me
  • Knutstorp 1:08.999 2008 R6 ‘99 I was quite pleased back then
  • Magny Cours 2:06.415 2009 R6 ‘07 Not my favourite circuit
  • Most 1:51.977 2009 R6 ‘07 Goal for 2010 is 1:48
  • Oschersleben 1:47.230 2008 R6 ‘99 Only been at this circuit once
  • Val de Vienne 2:02.994 2008 R6 ‘99 New layout and tarmac


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