May Mims

First woman to win a national championship - 1963

At the 2001 Runoffs, the author said "I meet at least several very interesting new persons at the annual race. This on the back straight concession terrace I met two of the competitors from the Original Cannon Ball Baker-Sea to Shinning Sea memorial runs (early 70's) -- the real coast to coast race NOT the movie with Burt and his gang. Rob Conklin and none other Donna May Mims, the "pink lady" SCCA racer who drove among other all Pink cars the original Yenko stringers (Corvair fame)--all pink of course and wouldn't you know it she was dressed primarily in pink at the 2001 runoffs. Those of us with a few racing years behind us can remember the Pink racers from the first Road Atlanta racing days.

"It was a real treat to hear their racing stories of Stinger development in the early days. And the added bonus of their insiders view of the many race stories, of the Cannon Ball Baker run was nothing short of stupendous - like all fledgling races the technical and sometimes legal problems that were stumbled into and eventually solved by each of the teams were absolutely fascinating." Bye Lee

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