Annika finished 12th in the 2011 Jr. Iditarod. She's back for 2013 and finished 13th.

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Annika Olesen, 17, says her parents have been mushing 30 years, so “I guess I was born into it. I got my first sled of my 6th birthday.” Annika and her family live 160 miles away from the nearest town. Her parents have lived on the homestead 25 years. She says, “My family and I have raised the majority of my team from puppies and the training and racing is a full family effort. She is homeschooled through the Alberta Distance Learning Centre and in grade 11.” Her hobbies besides mushing include archery, horses, horse racing, playing guitar, building things from wood and just being with her dogs. She would like to be an exercise rider and groom for race horses, and says she will never give up mushing completely but may take a break while she does other things. Her dad, Dave Olesen is an 8 time finisher of the Iditarod. Annika finished the 2011 Jr. Iditarod in 12th place and she says she is very excited to be back again! Yellowknife, NWT, Canada


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