Janine Payne, a successful former ARP Formula Three competitor, drove a Richard Eyre-owned 1982 Arrows A4 in the 2005 FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix World Championship - and indeed finished fifth in her debut at Hockenheim in Germany. The car was acquired from Ralph Moog in Germany and is being re-built by Robin Hooker Racing in Essex. Janine is also racing Richard Eyre's Porsche 962 and Jaguar XJR16 in Group C/GTP events from time-to-time. Ran at Brandshatch at the beginning of the year, and at Hockerheim in May, 2005

Janine Payne also at Hockenheim (4/25/05)
Another BWRDC member who also had a great race at Hockenheim over the weekend was Janine Payne. Her first race in the TGP series resulted in a 5th place (out of 28 runners).

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