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Katja Poensgen, 21, of Germany, became the first woman to win an international motorcycle racing title. She topped all in the Supermono Cup series on a Suzuki 750 at Brands Hatch, UK, Aug. 2nd, 1998

DOB: September, 23, 1976
Birthplace: Mindelheim (Allgäu)
Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo
Marital Status: single
Weight: 57 kg
Height: 1,69 m
Hair: blond / long
Eyes: green/grey/blue, depends on the light
Car: Opel Signum Sport 2,2 DTI
Favourite race-track: Albacete (E) ; Misano (I) ; Nürburgring
Favourite dish: pasta, pizza, salad, fish and seafood and a lot more
Favourite drink: apple-juice and non sparkling water
Favourite musik: Crackerman, Dave Matthews, Dover, Hans Söllner, Patrice, Creed, Staind and a lot more...
Favourite film: Almost famous, Matrix & 6th Sense
Favourite actor: Brad Pitt
Favourite book: Nostradamus, The Alchimist, Tuareg, Harry Potter
Leisure time: Fitness-Training ; Rollerskates, Supermoto and Karisha (horse)

Hi folks,

long time ago i told u what's going on in my life................ always the same question: where to start?

Best is i tell u what's the main thing in my mind at the moment. I am having a baby ;o) already in the next 3 weeks i will be a mummy!! We are very happy.... It wasn't planed - just happened- but the moment couldn't be better. All my life i wanted to have 1,2 or 3 kids ;o)

4 weeks ago i was at the first World Superbike round in Qatar/Arabia.The whole weekend was fantastic. Me and my dad an a few Suzuki dealers were invited by the team Suzuki Alstare Corona Extra. They start in the SBK this season with the pilots Troy Corser and Yukio Kagayama.

Alstare Corona Extra is a friend and a sponsor of mine since many years and so we were more than happy that the team gained a double victory in the first race!!! It was quite exciting - during the race they had to stop because it started to rain- but the rest of the sbk field wasn't able to stop Troy and Yukio to win.

Qatar is the track in the dessert and usually it doesn't rain there. They have got 2 rainy days a year and these 2 days were just at this weekend ;o)

U know that i worked last year for RTL Channel, we showed Moto GP on TV. The boss decided not to keep on showing the best bike racers of the world in his programm. It's a pitty that we had only a one years chance to show how exciting this sport is... but nobody asks me ;o)

Time never stops and always a door opens.... I will tell ya soon what's going on.....

Take care while riding bikes,


1981 first contact with Moto-Cross Machine PW50
1985 for the first time live at a racetrack (Hockenheim)
1992 read article in 'Motorsport Aktuell' about ADAC Junior Cup '93
1993 New Year's Eve, Calafat: rode a Suzuki RG 125 for the first time
1993 first race at Nürburgring (ADAC Junior Cup)
1994 3rd Place in Hockenheim
1995 Winner of the Junior Cup on Suzuki RG 125
Winner of the Trofeo Junior (Italy) on Aprilia RS 125
ADAC Junior Sportswoman of the year
MSa: Best upcoming Sportswoman of the year ('95 and ' 96)
1996 125 German Championship : 10th Place
1997 SSP 600
1998 SSP German Championship, European Championship
Winner: Supermono European Championship on Suzuki BMR 741
Superbikes World Championship Test : Ducati from Chili / Corser
1999 SSP German Championship, European Championship
Superstock European Championship
American Grand Prix Single Champion
2000 Alstare Corona Team
Superstock european championship on Suzuki GSX-R 750, final-position: 6.
2001 250 Worldchampionship for Team Shell Advance Honda
2002 IDM Superstock on Suzuki GSX-R 1000 for Team Suzuki Bender.
2003 250 Worldchampionship on Honda for Team Dark Dog Molenaar Racing

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