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Full Name: Sara Michelle Price
Home Town: Canyon Lake, CA
Birthday: 9/2/92
Hobbies: Motocross, My Horse Garnet, Traveling and Just Loving Life
Favorite Music: Old School Rock , Country, Lady Gaga, Atmosphere.
Heros: Jesus, Brett Downey
I want to meet: Any 1 and Every 1
Favorite Track: Glen Helen
Favorite Free Ride spot: Glamis
Biggest Acomplishment: Winning Loretta’s in 2006 amd Women Pro Rookie of the year award in 2009 :)
Favorite TV Shows: House/Grey’s Anatomy or MTV anything really
Favorite Movies: AVATAR… Ha

Sara Price, a Southern California native, began racing at the young age of eight. Her parents bought her the first motorcycle she would ever own, a Honda XR50. This led Sara to the PeeWee ranks at Perris Raceway in Southern California. It was there that she won the first race she had ever entered. This was the begging of a life ambition… Winning Motocross Races!

Family and friends quickly began to realize that Sara had a gift, the drive and determination to be a successful motocross racer. Sara was soon surrounded by professional level trainers and instructors. All investing in what Sara hopes to one day achieve her dream of being the fastest women racer and role model in the world and be one of the first women to race in the main event of supercross with the men.

Sara has been traveling the Country, with Kawasaki Team Green by here side since she was 12 years old, competing in local, and National events. She has quickly began to develop a reputation for herself as a fierce competitor, not only in the female class, but in the male class as well.

Now reaching her way as a Professional into the ranks Sara has made history to be the first ever female racer to pit under the same tent as supercross and motocross champion Chad Reed under the Factory Monster Energy Kawaski Rig. You can look for Sara in the MX Sports Motocross Nationals racing in the WMX class, and also competing in the Women’s Moto-X in X-Games in 2010.

A love for the sport, strong work ethic, relentless drive, and determination all define the character that is this young female motocross prodigy as she always is wearing a smile with her glowing personality and edginess, She Thanks each and every one of her Fans, Family, Sponsors for all the support on her journey to the top!



Professional Sara Price, U.S.A.

My name is Sara Price and I am from Canyon Lake, California. I started riding when I was 8 years old when my parents bought me my first bike! I was always into horses but my brother was into bikes and my whole family was allergic to my horse so they wanted me on a dirtbike instead, haha.

I continue to ride for the roots of it! It means so much when you first start then you get to my level and you try making it your living and you always have to have your morals of how you started, just cause you love the sport and have passion to ride your dirtbike.

I have been inspired most by my parents. They never just handed things to me but when they saw me working hard they would provide and that taught me one of the most important things in life.

The most difficult thing I have had to overcome as a professional women’s motocross racer would be the injuries and getting up off my feet and getting back at it. However, the most exciting part has been the fans!! They are amazing and I don’t know where or what I would be doing without them.

My favorite food? Oh that’s hard! Favorite food trying to be healthy or bad?! I don’t get to have it very often but creme brulee! My favorite movie is Disney’s Cars! Or P.S. I Love You! I watched Motocrossed by Disney not too long ago on TV and my eyes were glued!

Any sponsors you have:, One industeries, Scott Goggles, Vanus Creations, Renthal, Dunlop, Maxima, IMG Motorsports, DT1, Alpinestars, Autostyles Body and Paint!

Advice to other women riders out there: Always have fun! Never Give Up!



Competed in Miss California USA Beauty Pageant
Crossed over and became a Race Driver of Off-road vehicles (3 podiums so far)
Host and Coresponder for DirtLive Score International
Only Female Rider in the Loma Linda Hospital Big Air Kids Fair Event 5th year in a row
Stunt Women in 2 large scaled commercials (Contact for more info)


Runner up first Beauty pageant entered Miss Teen 2012
Ambassador for Kids Cures Foundation
Held 2nd annual Sara Price Invitational


X-Games 4th in Women Super-X
Held 1st annual Sara Price Invitational
Started the Sara Price Racing Academy


X-Games Medalist in Women’s Super-X
Made History being the first ever female factory supported under Monster Energy Kawasaki Race team


Awarded MX Sports Rookie of the Year
Finished 4th in the AMA Lucas Oil Women’s Championship
Won first Women’s A Pro race entered (GNC Finals in Texas)
Only Female Rider Featured in Semper Ride Video for the Military


The most winningest Women as a Amateur Motocross Champion (to date) with 17 amateur national championships


Thor Outstanding achievement Rider of the Year award
Champion of Winter Nationals Olympics Women’s SX Championship and Olympian Championship


Loretta Lynn’s 25th Amateur National Championship


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