Keep up to date on Megan Reitenour 2009-2010 Nascar Drive For Diversity driver in the Nascar Whelen Late Model Series.


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Three female racers left their mark on history July 23rd competing together in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
Megan Reitenour Season Ending Update


Megan Reitenour, 18, hails from Miamisburg, Ohio. She is part of a third generation of racers in her family. Reitenour began her career racing Quarter Midgets at the age of five years old. To date, Megan has over 200 wins and seven championships.\

In 2008, Megan was selected as a development driver for Nesbitt Racing Enterprises, in the Super Cup Stock Car Series. Reitenour finished second in the series points standings, missing the championship by seven points, and was named Rookie of the Year. She was the only driver in the series to post three victories for the season.

Reitenour continued her success in 2008 when she was selected for the first time to participate in the 2008 Drive for Diversity Testing & Evaluation Combine. Her performance at the Combine earned her position as a 2009 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Driver. She is only one of twelve drivers in the nation selected to participate in the program. Megan raced in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, competing in the center of NASCAR country at Tri-County Speedway in Hudson, NC and continuing her ladder of success. Megan had an impressive season with 7 top five finishes, 16 top ten finishes in seventeen events and won Rookie of the Year Honors. She was only one of two drivers in the program to do so.

Megan is also very involved in her home community and her race community. She hopes to bring recognition by her on the track success and off the track community service, to causes which are near to her heart, including Multiple Sclerosis, Melanoma Cancer, Eosinophllic Disease and the well being and care of animals. Reitenour attributes her success to her team, family, friends and independent sponsorship; and is so grateful for them. She gets great satisfaction from being part of a group that represents young ladies in this sport and looks forward to the goals and challenges ahead of her.


Reitenour Wins Dick Chrysler 100 @ Kil-Kare Speedway, July 4, 2008. Xenia, OH - Due to the inclement weather conditions, qualifying for the Super Cup Stock Car Series was cancelled and the starting grid of the field was determined by the current point standings of the series.Reitenour started on the pole and was challenged several times but only relinquished the lead for 17 laps of the 100 lap event. This win marks the second win of the 2008 season for Reitenour and positions her in first place of the point standings of the series.

Three female racers left their mark on history July 23rd competing together in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Megan Reiteneour, a third generation racer originally from Miamisburg, Ohio, began her racing career in Quarter Midgets at the age of five. Now living in Charlotte, NC, she holds numerous track champions and state championship titles, charging her way up the racing ladder to be chosen twice to participate in NASCAR’s Driver Development Program.

Along the way, Megan has captured not only the respect of her peers, the attention of industry leaders, but also the hearts of all she touches, as she pushes that pedal to the metal in pursuit of her ambitions.

We last spoke with Megan in November when she had just earned the Rookie of the Year award at Tri-County Speedway (one of only two in the NASCAR Driver for Diversity/D4D Program to win Rookie of the Year) and identified as a top talent to compete in the program's 2010 season under Revolution Racing's new "Driver Academy" format.

In addition to setting new records at Tri-County Motor Speedway this season, continuing her college education, re-locating to Charlotte, working to fund her racing career, competing aggressively on-track and continuously honing her skills, Megan has also co-authored a new book and shares her personal story of "Passion and Struggle - The Megan Reitenour Story" with Track Chic.

What has this 2010 Season been like for you? Compared to last year, does the new D4D format bring new benefits and opportunities that weren't available in the past?

Absolutely! I would not be where I am today without the tremendous benefits, contacts, and support and exposure of the Drive for Diversity program!

What is the most important thing you have learned and how have you improved as a driver under this program?

I’ve learned so very much, but most importantly, I think learning more of the mechanical aspects of racing is most important. By helping to understand exactly how everything functions, I can not only help turn wrenches but also better communicate with my crew team regarding the car’s performance on track.

I’ve also gained a lot of confidence passing, and exercising patience and identifying the right moment to pass. That’s so important, and it’s not easy – you naturally want to run up front. But strategy is so important in racing, and I am really seeing that patience and planning are as important as speed.

How did it feel when you made history this July as the first women to win the Firecracker 150 at Tri-County Motor Speedway? You were competing alongside some of the best drivers in the country of the late model stock division. Were you overwhelmed with emotion … “your passion and your struggles” … when you took that checkered flag?

It was the best ever. I was so proud, and so overwhelmed with the reality that all the training, all the sacrifice, everything I had worked so hard for came together for me that night against some fierce competition. It was very emotional. I have to give credit to my team. The car was totally hooked up, they did a tremendous job. It was such a team effort, and it was so fantastic to win the checkered flag for the entire team.

How and when did you know during that race that it was going be your day to cross the finish line first?

Well, you’re never 100% certain, but we all knew we had a great car. My goal was to stay out of trouble and finish top ten, top three. But the car was awesome, and I stayed focused, patient, competitive and confident to go for the win.

What is the hardest part about pursuing a career as a professional race car driver?

Funding – no doubt. It’s so challenging in this current economy, but I never shy away from a challenge.

Tell us the inspiration for your new book being released in September: Passion and Struggle – The Megan Reitenour Story. The title certainly tells the story perfectly! How did you meet your co-Author, Greg Palmer, and what inspired you to share your personal story of passion and struggle?

It’s really a privilege to share my story and particularly have the help of someone like Greg Palmer. Greg is also the author of the book Propology 101, a guide that helps you discover your true passion is and living a more fulfilling life. Friends of friends made the introduction and thought it was a great opportunity to share an accurate account of the passion and sacrifice of someone like me giving it her all to pursue a career as a competitive race car driver. We worked together on my book to basically tell the story of the struggle my family, and everything we have been through in supporting my career in racing. It shows that anything is possible -- no matter what your situation is -- if you work hard and never, ever give up.

You have always been very involved in charities and serve as a strong champion for animal rights, Multiple Sclerosis, and Melanoma Cancer Awareness. Do you feel that racing gives you a platform you would not otherwise have to help bring awareness to these important issues?

Absolutely. With my racing career I am able to interact and communicate with so many more people and help promote awareness, educate and raise funds for causes I care passionately about. I also actively volunteer whenever I can to help make a difference in my local community.

You’ve done a jillion interviews – what is the one question no one has asked you that you wish someone would?!

That’s a great question! For those who don’t understand racing, I suppose it’s an opportunity to explain that racing is so very much more than going round and round in circles very fast. I want them to understand the adrenaline, the discipline, the athleticism that’s involved on behalf of the driver as well as the mechanical expertise and teamwork it takes to be successful. There’s nothing else like it!

What does the 2011 season look like for you right now?

2011 is going to be phenomenal – I am so excited! I have signed an agreement with Venturini Motorsports, one of the most respected programs in the ranks of NASCAR, to compete in the Pro Cup Series – pending sponsorship of course. This class of cars is much heavier and will give me the opportunity to further develop my driver skills. Venturini Motorsports also focuses on track coaching, media training, sponsor relations and core fitness levels. Their experience and expertise will help prepare me both mentally and physically as I continue to pursue my NASCAR ambitions, so I am so very excited.

How will Megan Reitenour define success?

Competing in NASCAR’s Cup Series as a contender for the Championship!


Megan Reitenour Season Ending Update

Megan Reitenour, first year driver for the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program completes her season compiling a impressive record with 16 top tens, seven top fives in seventeen events.

Reitenour also secured Rookie of the Year honors, finishing a strong 4th place in the points at Tri-County Speedway in Hudson, NC. She was also honored as one of the top 500 drivers of the late model stock division of more the 10,000 competitors within the series.

Reitenour has been competing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series in the heart of NASCAR country, against some strong competition and alongside some of the best drivers in the country of the late model stock division. Reitenour thrives on that caliber of competition and says she wouldn't want it any other way.

Reitenour said, "I'm really glad how the season turned out for us. I enjoyed racing in North Carolina. It's so competitive and I've really learned a lot racing with this caliber of drivers. It only gets tougher as I move up the ladder in racing. I feel this type of competition prepares me for the challenges ahead and I want to be ready for them. I would like to thank the NASCAR Drive for Diversity for the opportunity they gave me and for making it possible for me to compete this season. I would also like to thank Leicht Motorsports for the help they gave me. I want to also thank my partners, Project Podium, Haus Builders, MPM Marketing, Nestor Insurance, Fox Motors, PR Image Design, Stuckey Motorsports, CompCal, Impact Racing and all my family and fans for their help and support this season."


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