Looking back on my season in the 2009 VW Jetta TDI Cup I know I have learned a lot and improved my racing skills along with my overall knowledge of the sport and business of auto racing.

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Kerstin lives with her parents and younger brother in Bothell, Washington where she is a sophomore at Bothell High School…Kerstin has a Bassett Hound named Gumbueax and a Guinea Pig named Heavy…She is an avid runner and is on the school cross country team… In addition to running, she enjoys swimming and weight lifting and works out five to six days per week…In her spare time she likes to be on the go… She enjoys shopping, movies, camping and jet skiing…Her favorite places to shop are Aeropostle, Abercrombie and Hollister…She loves music and listens to rock, country and classic rock….Her choice of movies are movies about racing or comedies!...Kerstin loves taking road trips and seeing the country… She has traveled across the United States racing and enjoys seeing all the big and small attractions the different states have to offer.

  • Name: Kerstin Campbell Smutny
  • Birthdate: April 24, 1990
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight 120 lbs.
  • Family: Parents: Father & Mother: Kent and Denise Smutny
  • Bother: Erik
  • Birthplace: Bellevue, Washington
  • Residence: Bothell, Washington
  • Racing Goals: To be the first woman to win the Indy 500
  • Most Memorable: Finishing 3 rd at the Western Grand Nationals in Pueblo, Colorado.
  • Racing Role Models: Alex Zanardi; Danica Patrick; Tony Kanaan
  • If Not Racing: Something to do with Broadcast Journalism and Racing
  • Philosophy: You get out of things what you put into them.
  • Best Advice: No matter how many times you fall, get back up!
  • Admires in Others: Organization
  • Greatest Influence: My family
  • Physical Preparation: Running, weight training, and swimming.
  • Mental Preparation: Visualizing the race in my head
  • Hobbies: Running, swimming, jet skiing, and racing
  • Favorite Clothes: Whatever’s comfortable
  • Favorite Music: Anything but Classical
  • Favorite CD: Brooks and Dunn “ Red Dirt Road”
  • Personal Vehicle: None…I don’t have my license yet!
  • Favorite Car: 1969 Camaro
  • Favorite TV Show: C.S.I.
  • Worst TV Show: Yu-gi-Oh Cartoons
  • Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Driven, Ocean’s Eleven
  • Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock; Julia Roberts
  • Favorite Actor: George Clooney
  • Favorite Food: Healthy foods, especially fruit
  • Favorite Drink: Flavored waters
  • Best Day of the year: The day after the last day of school!
  • Weakness: Stressing out!
  • Greatest Aggravation: When people act like they know everything.
  • Primary Sponsor: TSA Architects


Sixteen year-old Kerstin Smutny put on quite a show in the Formula TR race on Saturday at Portland International working her way up from last to 6th before being rear-ended and knocked out of the race.

. On Sunday, she was gridded 7th and worked up to 6th before the engine gave up.and she finished 9th.




Quarter Midgets:


Raced Jr. Novice and Jr. Honda


Western Grand National Participant, Sr. Honda, Langley 7th Place Winter Nationals, Sr. Honda, Las Vegas, NV


  • 3rd place in Light 160, WQMA
  • Western Grand National Participant, Sr. Honda, Lt 160
  • Back to Back A Main wins at Langely, B.C.,
  • Can Am Race in Lt. 160 and Sr. Honda


  • 2nd place Heavy Honda, Region 9 Race Series
  • Track Record, Heavy Honda @ Pomona, CA Turkey Race
  • Copper World Classic Participant, Phoenix, AZ


  • 1st Place, Heavy Mod, WQMA
  • 2nd Place, Heavy Mod, Region 9 Race Series
  • 3rd Place, Heavy Mod, Western Grand Nationals, Pueblo, CO
  • 6th Place, Heavy Honda, Western Grand Nationals, Pueblo, CO.
  • Track Record, Heavy Honda, Little Wheels Track,Graham, WA.
  • 5th Place Mod Class, Gasoline Alley Nationals Indianapolis, IN.
  • 3rd Place Heavy ‘B’ and Heavy 160, WQMA


  • 3rd Place Heavy B - Region 9 Series
  • 4th Place Heavy Honda - Western Grands - Graham, WA
  • Track Record - Heavy Honda - WQMA - Everett, WA
  • Driver's Club Treasurer, WQMA
  • Winter Nationals Participant - Las Vegas, NV


  • 1st Place Heavy B - Region 9 Series
  • 4th Place Heavy 160 - Region 9 Series
  • 1st Place Heavy 160 - WQMA - Everett, WA
  • 1st Place Heavy Honda - WQMA - Everett, WA
  • 6th Place Heavy Honda - Western Grand Nationals - Sacremento, CA
  • Track Record - Heavy Honda - WQMA - Everett, WA


  • First woman to be invited to the Formla BMW USA licensing course in Valencia, Spain
  • Chosen as one of the best out of the drivers participating in the licensing course to be invited back to Valencia for the Formula BMW USA Scholarship Run-Offs
  • Tested a Formula BMW car with Atlantic Motorsports
  • Tested a Formula TR 1600 car with Speed Secrets
  • Participated in a number of Go Kart races
  • 3rd place Heavey 160 Region 9 Quarter Midget Championsip


  • 3rd place in first Formula TR race
  • PitFit Driver Memorial Scholarship Winner
  • Lyn St James Driver Development Scholarship Winner
  • Women's Sports Foundatoin Jump Start Scholarship Winner


  • 5 top 5 finished in 6 races
  • 1 podium finish
  • Women in the Winner's Circle Luncheon Featured Driver



Petit Le Mans Race Weekend - 9/29/09

The final race of the 2009 VW Jetta TDI Cup season took place this past weekend at Road Atlanta, alongside the Petit Le Mans. We arrived at the track very early Friday morning, again another track I had never been to, the closest I’d come was testing a midget at the oval across the street at Lanier National Speedway. I knew Road Atlanta looked like a very fun track, it has lots of elevation change and some very quick corners.

After the track walk we jumped right into the cars for practice. I was very pleased as I got up to speed and adjusted to the track very quickly which is something I have been working on getting better at all season. After reviewing data and talking with my coach I found some spots where I could pick up a substantial amount of time for the qualifying session. We were looking at the skies all day wondering if it was going to rain, as was forecasted but it held off. I qualified 18 th, which was disappointing because two of my best flying laps I got blocked by one of the weekend’s guest drivers.

When Saturday morning came we might as well have been racing on a completely different track because the skies had opened up and it was raining quite hard. I had a good start to the race staying out of trouble and picking up a couple positions, I made it around the track unscathed, just trying to make it through the race, pick up positions as I could and not ruin my race doing something stupid. About ¾ of the way through the race I pushed a little too hard trying to catch the car in front of me and coming out of turn 12 on to the front straight I dropped a wheel off the edge of the track and with how slick it was that little miscue sent me into a spin down the front straight. I grazed the inside wall with the rear of the car twice but kept going. The car felt ok after doing a couple more laps under green but then there was a full course caution for another incident on track and during that caution I was black flagged and told to come into the pits because someone thought there was a problem with my car. Through a bunch of confusion with the officials I was not allowed to return to the track and instead had to go back to the paddock. This was definitely not the way I had hoped to end the season. Despite the miscommunication that ended my race as a whole the weekend was a lot of fun.

Looking back on my season in the 2009 VW Jetta TDI Cup I know I have learned a lot and improved my racing skills along with my overall knowledge of the sport and business of auto racing. I want to thank a few people for their support, TSA Architects, Danny Kok and Driving Unlimited, G-nius Communications, and of course my friends family and fans for all their support this season and throughout my career. I am looking at possibilities for next year and will keep you all posted when I know more!!

Thank you again!

Kerstin Smutny Racing Update 9/28/07

The 2007 race season has not quite gone as planned. After being forced to sit out of several races due to a damaged car, we have decided to turn our focuses to next year and what it holds.

I have a couple of great opportunities ahead of me in the next week. I just returned from testing a Star Mazda car, as that is one of the possible options we are looking at for next year. However, my first choice for next year, granted we can collect the funds needed to run it, is the Indy Pro Series. Next week I head to Toronto for the opportunity to test an IPS car. I am very excited to have the chance to do this. Obviously it is a big jump into the 450hp Indy Pro car from the 125hp Formula TR, however having had the chance to test a couple cars that are faster than the TR, I feel very ready to step into the Indy Pro car.

Kerstin makes plans to run the Indy Pro Series in 2008

Kerstin is making plans for her 2008 race season. She has already received one offer for a ride in the Indy Pro Series (IPS), the feeder series for the Indy Racing League, placing Kerstin within mere steps of reaching her goal of racing in the top forms of open wheel racing. Kerstin will be traveling to Infineon Raceway to meet with teams over the August 25 th/26 th weekend to learn even more about the series and additional opportunities for our corporate partners.

With this goal in mind we are seeking partnerships for the 2008 race series and with the addition of the televised races and the venues in which the races are held Kerstin has the ability to showcase products that will enhance the marketing plans of organizations wishing to partner with her.

Keep watching as Kerstin moves into the 2008 IPS series and the exciting action of both seeing her return to oval tracks and continuing her skills in the road courses that lay ahead.

IPS Test Website Update

This past week I had the opportunity to test an Indy Pro Series car! The test went great. I got up to speed quickly. The IPS test was held at Dunnville Autodrome, which is the same track I tested the Star Mazda car at. It was very helpful being somewhat familiar with the track as it gave me the chance to solely focus on getting used to the car, which is much more powerful than any car I have ever driven.

The IPS car has 450hp and is capable of speeds up to 190mph! However, the track I tested at was a small 1.3 mile road course so speeds were slower but the first time you step on the power you realize how much 450hp really is. The IPS car has about 3.5 times more power than the Formula TR I am used to driving.

Obviously, after having had the chance to drive the IPS car my sights are still set on racing in the Indy Pro Series in 2008. This is a very realistic goal provided the funding to put together a solid testing program and race the season.

Stay tuned for more updates!


In addition to quarter midget racing Kerstin began racing 80cc shifter karts in 2003. Kerstin participated in a number of number of local and regional events that year. Kerstin continues to use the shifter kart as a training tool to keep in shape.


Kerstin Brings the Heat at Portland!!

What a weekend! This was without a doubt the finest weekend of racing that Kerstin has had this season in the Formula TR Pro Series. Don’t let the finishes fool you, stuff happens in racing, and Kerstin will be back to show what she is capable of.

Saturday, July 22 nd, in front of the fans attending the huge American LeMans Series event at Portland International Raceway Kerstin showed she was ready to race. With an under steer problem in qualifying Kerstin started at the back of the pack for the first race. With a race time of 4:20pm and temperatures hitting the 100 degree mark Kerstin was ready to go. A fast run at the green flag down the straightaway grabbed Kerstin two spots by the chicane at the end of the straight. Despite being hit from the back lightly by one of the competitors, Kerstin regained momentum and put on the chase. Within a few laps Kerstin was challenging for the 7 th place spot. A clean pass there sent her hunting for the 6 th place car. With just minutes left in the race the 6 th place car made passing a bit more challenging than it should have been, but Kerstin persisted and after a run on the car down the straightway, Kerstin found herself in front at the chicane. However a spin at that point sent the rear car around the back of Kerstin, clipping the rear of her car, tearing up the left rear suspension and putting Kerstin out of the day’s race!

Wow! Like I said, stuff happens…

Sunday brought no relief in the temperatures as the mercury pushed 104 degrees by race time. With Kerstin’s car repaired from the previous day she was ready to go for qualifying and brought the #2 CT Motorsport car to a 7 th place start on the grid, just two seconds off the pace of the lead cars! A solid start at the green flag was dampened by a pass in the first turn to shift her back to 8 th. Kerstin was undaunted, put the pedal down and closed the gap, passing back into the 7 th place spot by the end of the first lap. With the next car in sight, she drove on despite slippery track conditions due to the heat to pass the 6 th place car and take over his position. Over the next couple laps, Kerstin’s car began to slow and, alas, the car died completely on the straightaway, leaving Kerstin with a DNF and 9 th place finish for the day’s efforts.

The finish results from the event were not positive, but anyone watching Kerstin race this weekend knows she is a force to be reckoned with! Since Kerstin’s budget for the season only allowed for six race events, she will turn her focus towards the continued effort to secure funding for additional races yet this season and will continue testing in order to keep her skills fresh and moving forward for next season.

Keep your eye on Kerstin Smutny!!


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Photos: Portland International, July 21-22, 2006 by Gordon Clay

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