2013 is Taylor's first shot at the Jr Iditarod. and she took 7th.

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Taylor, 16, says when she was eight and a half years old she got a puppy for Christmas and watched a sled dog movie and “so it began.” She said she started with a Norwegian elkhound, her golden retriever/black lab mix puppy she got for Christmas and well… they had puppies. “Then I got Alaskan huskies and had fun. I learned everything by myself.” This will be her first race. Taylor attends Cyber School through K12 and is in the 10th grade. When in public school, she participated in track and FFA. He enjoys running, bikejoring, piano, hunting, 4-H, flying to Alaska and wishing I lived in Alaska. After graduation she wants “an education of some sort, probably a lawyer, editor or an optometrist.” It’s possible that she’ll continue mushing.. Hopewell, PA, USA


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