Shelby "Speedy" Stepanek will be making her first debut in the 73' Fiat Topolino Fuel Altered very soon. "It is going to be a big step from racing junior dragsters to going to a fuel altered but I am really excited. This is a dream come true."


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Birthdate: 2/20/1996
Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska
Current Home: Papillion, Nebraska
Who started you: My Dad
Biggest influence: Dad
Women you admire: Ashley Force-Hood, Courtney Force, Erica Enders, Shirley Muldowney, Mendy Fry, Bunny Burkett
Fathers Thoughts: He would rather me be in the drivers seat than him racing. He loves to watch me win and grow as a young driver. My dad is my hero!
Your encouragement: Wish it. Dream it. Do it. Don\'t stop believing.




Started out when I was 11 in a junior dragster. I have raced juniors up until now. My first debut in the fuel altered will be coming very soon. I have won several awards. My very first race ever I won it in 2008. I got a new junior dragster right before the weekend of the Division 5 Championship Finals. It was a big step up going approximately 3 seconds faster than my other junior. I made it to the semi finals out of over 100 cars in the 13-14 year old age division for the Wally.


2010 was in the finals every race but three of them.
2011 was a tough season for us and I didn't get out to race much and when we did we would have clutch problems.


My plans are to travel a lot in 2012 and to learn the ropes of driving the 73 Fiat Topolino Fuel Altered. It will be a challenge but I am up to it!

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