Tire Specialist Janette Tam has been around racing all her life and became part of the team when she took over the Tire Specialist job early last season. In less than 2 years Janette has become one of the most respected tire people on the Southwest Series. She is also the only female to go over the wall as Martin's tire carrier, and on the front tire, no less.

Martin Motorsports has What NASCAR Wants
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Martin Motorsports has What NASCAR Wants

In the traditional world of NASCAR men make up the team. These men handle everything from driving the truck, working on the car, to cooking the meals. NASCAR, in the last year, has begun working on a diversity program to integrate women into the “pits” as full working team members. Martin MotorSports integrated women into “full working team members” years ago.

Janette Tam is an example of this. Married daughter of team owners John and Betty Martin, mother to son Johnathan, sister of driver Thomas Martin, Janette has become a respected tire specialist in the Southwest Elite Series of NASCAR. Janette has been her father’s right hand girl at the shop and track for many years and she has always filled in where needed. Two years ago Martin MotorSports needed a person to be at every race to get tires ready. This job entailed finding the correct size tires, to making sure the stagger and pressures were right, to watching the wear patterns during practice sessions and the race. Janette took the job. Her knowledge has grown and she is now in the position to help other teams when tire issues arise.

Janette is also another big part of the team. As quoted by her, “I jump in front of my brother’s car while he is doing 35 mph, carrying a big black round thing and hope he’s not going to hit me.” Janette is the front tire carrier during pit stop races and is on pit road to work on the car if needed during a race. She is an example of what NASCAR wants and Martin MotorSports has her.
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