Nov 2007 - Annalese selected for elite Race Drivers Academy.

Annalese to test with Acer Motorsport in preparation for 2008 Formula Ford UK

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Birthdate = 04/09/1988
Birth Place = Milton Keynes, UK
Current Home Base = Liverpool, UK
Height 5'7"

The home of Annalese, the Merseyside racing driver with an ambition to become one of the most successful drivers in the world. Sometimes extravagant and b old, by combining talen and confidence she has managed to capture the attention of numerous teams and fuelled by self belief, sees herself in leagues with the top drivers of today in a few years. Amongst racing, Annalease is a modeal and competes in showjumping, however, her passion lies with four wheels and an engine. Helping to campaign for a green fuelled motorsport and challenging the male dominate world of fast cars and racing, she is one vbery busy lady.

Who started you = Me! I got offered the chance to drive a rally car when I was 15 and took to it straight away. That's where it all started.

Biggest influence = Definitely Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. Although I never got to follow Senna's career when he was alive, reading his book and watching replays of his driving are a huge inspiration to me.

Women you admire = Danica Patrick, Susie Stoddart and Elizabeth Junek.

Father's Thoughts = He is not aware of my racing career due to his lack of interest.

Your encouragement to others = Don't be put off by all the boys! The motorsport in the UK is very welcoming to girls, the people with the sexist comments often have no involvement in racing at all.


My racing career started in Karting Series where my lowest ever finish has been 5th, with 5 wins and 10 podiums, and rallying where I've had success too! I'm just starting at Silverstone/L'boro to do Sports Performance(Motorsport). Next season, under the management of a huge sporting celebrity, I will be competing in Formula Palmer Audi/Renault UK 2008 as well as a full season in Hungarian Renault Clio Cup, calendar allowing, following an outing in a Formula Ford in a Winter Series in 2007. When I'm not racing, I'm riding my horse that I compete in Western and showjumping, support Liverpool FC and looking at getting my jockey(horses) licence! I'm also a bit loud and crackers apparently, generally give everyone a headache and have acquired the nickname Barbie!


Selected for FdSc Sport Performance (Motorsport) for elite athletes with RaceDrivers Academy, Silverstone and Loughborough College

Citroen Promotional Events Driver

Capital Fuel Challenge – 1st out of 25, in front of major manufacturers including Lexus/BMW/Honda/Toyota, youngest and only female competitor

Open Single Seater Winter Series, Anglesey (Formula Ford 1800 To Be confirmed,2/3rd Dec)

Formula Ford testing with Acer Motorsport

Tested Lotus Exige GT

Autotest(5th) Caterham Superlight


National Racing Licence (Thruxton)

Lady Quest (rallying) – youngest competitor with highest standard of driving

Tested Lotus Exige GT at private test track – broke fastest lap record

Tested Renault Clio Cup 2006 spec

Tested Radical SR4

Tested HGV Racing Truck, one of youngest in UK to do so


Rally driving tests/club competition

North West Senior Rotax kart championships

- 18 races, 5 wins, 10 podiums
- lowest ever finish 5th
- 7 fastest laps
- 4 pole positions
- 5 fastest female awards


National Showjumping and Junior Showing(horses) classes


Formula Ford UK with Acer Motorsport and the Hungarian Renault Clio Cup with Proaktiv Motorsport. I am one of only 3 drivers in my year on a specialist degree course with Race Drivers Academy, Silverstone and Loughborough University, giving us training academically in sport and on track training also. I will be on the course until 2010 and will hopefully be progressing up the motorsport ladder as I study.

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