Lynsey would end up finishing second in points at Bakersfield Raceway Park, located in Linton, IN, despite missing the last three races of the season.

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Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Birthdate: January 16, 1987
Recidence: Martinsville, Indiana
Who started you:My family
Biggest influence: My Parents
Women you admire: Lyn St. James, Katherine Legge, Sarah Fisher
Father's Thoughts: He thinks it is awsome and hopes I accomplish all my goals I have for myself
Your encouragement to other: Go to your local track, and find a way to get involved.

California female driver, Lynsey Tilton from San Diego, CA, comes from a racing family. Her father, Roger, raced sprint cars for many years, and her brothers raced as well. When Tilton was just a week old, she was introduced to racing when she went to the motorcycle track with her family to watch her brothers race. Then at four years old, she started to race 50cc motorcycles.

Tilton moved to racing bicycles at the age of six. Here she proved she was an aggressive racer and was meant to race. She was a factory rider for Mike Redman and was a four-time national champion, along with winning a world championship. She also was in the top-ten in the nation and number two in her age group. During this time one of her brothers was racing go-karts, so she decided to give that a try.

Rapidly picking up go-karts, she was winning races and setting fast times in her rookie season. This young female driver went on to winning three class championships, one in Jr. 1 (age 8-12) and two in HPV Jr (12-16), setting track records, winning poles and was named the most improved junior driver in just her first season.

Then at 15, Tilton made the move to the top level of kart racing, 125 shifter karts. In 2001 she raced in the Alex Barron Super Spec Series, where she was able to capture four of six pole positions, and finished second twice. She never finished outside the top-ten, which led her to finish fourth in the drivers' championship.

In the 2004 season Tilton embarked on a new adventure; she has started racing midgets. Tilton raced with Arizona Midget Association, where she captured Rookie-of-the-Year and finished third in the drivers' championship. She finished the eight race season off with scoring one top-three finish, two top-five finishes and seven top-ten finishes. For 2005 Tilton plans on running with United States Auto Club, USAC, in the Western Series, along with selected national events and with Bay City Racing Association, BCRA.

She balances school with racing. She is a senior in high school and carries a GPA of 4.3. She has an aggressive honor and Advanced Placement curriculum, preparing her for college in the future. She plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering, at Indiana Univeristy Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPUI, in the fall.

Along with racing and school, she spends a lot of time with Racers Against Drugs, RAD, going to schools and talking to younger kids about their dreams. She also mentors younger racers to help them better understand racing and their driving.

Prestigiously, she was selected by Ford Racing to participate in their woman driver search program in Indianapolis, in May of 2004. In March of 2005, Lynsey was also one of three prestigiously selected by Speed Secrets to participate for their Driver Development Scholarship. In the end, Tilton was the one that Speed Secrets chose.



USAC Midwest Focus Series, Tilton Racing, #18 Ford Focus/ Stealth

Has a season high of 6th place finish.

Is one of four females to ever race a sprint car at Fremont Raceway in Fremont, OH

Pit Fit Scholarship Recipient (Pitfit is a company that helps a driver reach their highest fitness level)

Speed Secrets Driver Development Scholarship Winner (Speed Secrets is a driver development service, working with drivers to get their maximum potential out of them)


Arizona Midget Association, Tilton Racing, #01 Van Dyne/Ellis

In eight starts she has one top-three, two top-five and seven top-ten finishes

Was one of four women tested by Ford Motor Company for their Women’s Driver Development Program which will end up helping at least one move up the NASCAR ladder.

Arizona Midget Association Rookie-of-the-Year

Third in Drivers’ Championship

Finalist and Winner for Speed Secrets Driver Development Program

Graduate of Lyn St. James Driver Development Program


Stars of Tomorrow Kart Series Pro 125 ICC Shifter Tony kart/ Tm ICC/ Tilton Racing

Had one top-ten start and one top-ten finish.

SKUSA Regional Pro 125 Shifter Tony Kart/ Tm ICC/ Tilton Racing

Finished the season with four fastest laps and five wins.

Alex Barron Super Spec Series Tony kart/ Spec 125 shifter/ Tilton Racing/ Barron Hi-Performance

Youngest in the series at 15.

Four fastest laps, two top-three finishes, and never finished outside the top-ten

Finished third in Driver’s Championship points standing.

SKUSA Mission Series Tony kart/ Stock 125/ Tilton Racing

Three wins, and three fastest laps in just three races.


San Diego Karting Association Hpv Jr./ Jr. Sportsman

Back to back champion in 2000 and 2001, Two track records, Most poles in one season (14), 45 Wins, second place in Drivers’ Championship for Jr. Sportsman, second place in Drivers’ Championship points in 1999.

In 2001 was the highest finishing female at the IKF Grand National.

San Diego Karting Association Jr. 1 Topkart/ Comer 80cc

Drivers’ Champion against 12 boys in 1998, Named the Most Improved Jr. Driver in first year of karting.


Bicycles (BMX) Mike Redman Concepts

Five-time National Champion, World Champion, Number two in age group twice. Ranked as one of

the top- ten national girl riders, factory rider for Mike Redman Concepts, Winner of Race of Champion.


Motorcycles 50cc Honda

Started racing at age four on motorcycles at Barona Oaks, in San Diego County.

2007 Schedule

Right now our plans for the 2007 season is to run a dirt midget with POWRI and selected USAC National midget races. We are also working on a sprint car program for the 2007 season.


Lynsey and the Conlin sisters took 16th out of 55 at the 200 Endurance Go-Kart race, one spot behind Tomas Scheckter (15th) and ahead of Heather Bloyd (26th), Sarah Fisher (31st), Katherine Legge (31), Dan Weldom (34), and Scott Dixon (35).

Lynsey Tilton finishes second in championship for 2008

For the first time since 2004, 21 year old, Lynsey Tilton put together an awesome run for a championship, just coming up short at the end.

Lynsey would end up finishing second in points at Bakersfield Raceway Park, located in Linton, IN, despite missing the last three races of the season. Lynsey finished the 2008 season scoring one win, 14 top five finishes, and 21 top ten finishes. Since 2005, Lynsey moved out to Indiana to pursue her education along with racing, but only partial schedule for the past three years. This year, Lynsey took a step back to a 600cc Mini Sprint, which would allow her to get adequate seat time and to hone her skills on the dirt. She took full advantage of this opportunity and improved every race.

With the championship out of reach, Lynsey and her team took full advantage to get ready for the 2009 season, which will see Lynsey and her teammate Colin Parker, attack the Midwest Mini-Sprint 1000cc series. This series will travel between Ohio and Indiana with the number of races split between the two states.

“I felt this year went really well for our team. This was new to me and this is the most racing I have done in one year in a long time. I felt we gave the championship the best run we could give it.

We were down on horsepower all year, and got a late start due to my dad being ill over the winter. Next year is going to be an exciting year, as a lot of new opportunities are presenting themselves.

I can not thank Jack and Gloria Shipman enough for giving me an opportunity to drive their car this year, and of course next year.”

Lynsey would like to thank all of her sponsors that have supported her in the 2008 season: J&G Motorsports, Liquid Eyewear, Bell Helmets, TRE Racing, Parker & Morley Designs, VP Racing Fuels, Dave Yost Designs, and DeForest Chiropractic of San Diego.

For more information on Lynsey Tilton please visit her website at

Conlin Speed Sport has strong showing in the 200

On October 15, 2006, 19 year-old Lynsey Tilton teamed up with Dana and Tracy Conlin to compete in the 200 go-kart race held at New Castle Raceway Park in New Castle, IN. The all female team captured an amazing 16th place finish out of 80 karts.

After posting an unofficial fastest time of 1:07.4 in Friday afternoon’s practice, a mechanical problem Saturday prevented the team from posting an official time Saturday afternoon, which also determined the qualifying grouping. Forced to qualify in the second qualifying session Tilton, had her hands full going for a fast lap on the cold track. By the time the 11 qualifying sessions were complete, the Conlin SpeedSports entry had fallen to a disappointing 38th starting spot.

But when the green flag dropped Tilton was determined to redeem the team and used her karting, Midget and Sprint car experience to storm towards the front. In 21 laps Tilton moved the Bad Goat Racing Biesse Viper from 38th position to 10th, using the draft on NCMP’s backstraight to pass one or two karts each lap. By the end of her stint Tilton had put the kart into 7th place – a gain of 31 positions in 51 laps.

With 37 karts starting in front of her Tilton was understandably cautious at the start: “I knew once we got through the first corner I could start to move up. I started picking one kart off at a time, and before I knew it we were in the top ten.” Tilton shared the credit with the Stoney Creek Motorsports prepped motor, adding, “the Biland engine pulled off the corners real well and enabled me to pass a lot of karts.”

Taken over for Tilton, was Dana Conlin, who did an awesome job holding the teams position. On lap 97, just five labs before she was due back in, her chain fell off. In the process of putting a new chain on, the team lost ten laps, putting them back to about 28th position.

Tilton then took over again and was able to get the team back up into the top 20th. While still clicking off laps as fast as the first drive, Tilton was able to move up to as high as 18th before she came in for the last driver, Tracy Conlin, to get in.

Tracy was able to move up to 16th position but handling problems slowed the progress up through the field. “I am really proud of all these ladies, and Lynsey was just magical in that first stint,” commented team owner Jim Conlin, “and I’m proud of the entire team. Kart prep was perfect, pit stops were smooth – when the chain broke we had a new one on, had four new tires and the kart refueled in no time. If it wasn’t for that damn chain, we would have had a top ten finish. No doubt.”

Lynsey will now concentrate on finalizing her plans for the 2007 season. Lynsey would like to thank Liquid Eyewear, the Conlin SPeedSport team, INFONETICS, Inc., Stoney Creek Motorsports, Biland importer Jack Hooker, Bad

Goat Racing, BGR Graphics and POWERsports for this year’s entry in the 200.

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