This is Morgen Wright. She just finished her 4th year of racing. She started when she was 15, and turned 20 a few days ago. She used to race Soap Box Derby cars and was third in the region. She attends New Mexico State University and is a finance major with dreams of becoming a financial advisor/stockbroker. She can be reached at E-Mail asked: "How did your father influence you to race?"

Morgan: my father was a huge part of the process. he took me out one day when he was teaching a driving school for the legends and i got in his car and he taught me how to drive. before this i have never even driven a street car, let alone a race car. the following year he gave me his car. and he moved into another class. he has been my one and old pit crew. he works on my car and cleans it. i also strive to be as good as him. everyone here in Las Cruces wants to be as good as my father. every class he gets in he excels.

I am the only females who races a Legend in Las Cruces or El Paso, but our class is very friendly. I think i will always get the fathers who tell their sons "don't let her beat you, she is a girl" but it just makes me work harder to beat them. when i first started i was very timid and got last a lot, but the past 2 years i have been in the top 5 a lot. at first the guys used to get mad when i beat them, but most of them encourage me and help me out a lot.

i think the one time i realized that my class was a good class is 2 years ago i flipped and my dad wasn't in town because he was racing somewhere else. all the racers worked to get me back into my trailer, two of them took me to the hospital because i had broken my hand, a few of them drove my car and trailer home for me.

i am going to continue to race legends till i win nationals, that is my goal. i would love to race professionally, but my family just doesn't have the connections that are needed.

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