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If you are a girl or woman and have or are currently racing against boys or men and would like a free listing on WomenInRacing.org, click here to see if we have you listed. If not, or if we do have you listed but you want to have your own page where you can add information, fill out as much of this form as possible and click on "Submit" at the bottom.



Web Site URL:

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Birthdate: mm/dd/yyyy


Current Home Base:


Who got you started in racing?

Who was your biggest influence?

List women who race/have raced against men whom you admire:

What does your father think about you racing?

What would you say to girls/women who might be interested in racing?

Any other comments?

Where might we find a close-up photo of you, preferably in racing gear without a helmet or sunglasses? This will be used on our home page to link to your free listing. (If it's on a web site, what is the URL?)

What is your latest racing news we can report?

What is your race history and results?

What are your plans and schedule for next year?

Where did you learn about WomenInRacing.org?

If you have a list for electronic dispersoal of press releases, consider adding us to that list at WomenInRacing1@aol.com

Thanks for providing us with all of this information. We hope you like what we do with it and we also hope it helps to send fans and sponsors your way!

Let other women who race or have raced against men know that they too can have a free page on our web site. Thanks.

Gordon Clay

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