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Having raised a daughter on my own since she was 8 (now 45 with two daughter's of her own), I encouraged her to do what she wanted to do. The closest time I remember with my dad was working on a go-kart and racing it. I had always liked racing and I got involved in the SCCA solo events, rallies, working corners and photographing events. I would travel all over the country either working corners or photographing events and covered everything from the 24-hours of Daytona, 12-Hours of Sebring, the first Long Beach Grand Prix to local rallies, solo events, drag races, hare scrambles, you name it, I covered it. In 1974, I was named photographer of the year by Sports Car magazine.

I also owned a 230 Ossa and got a Yamaha mini-enduro for my daughter when she asked for one. After our divorced, I got the opportunity to be a full-time dad. I had a client who raced go-karts with his son and daughter. I took our daughter to a few races, and she was hooked. By 8 she was running in national events. By 18, she had raced at Riverside, Laguna Seca, and Sears Point and finished her 18th birthday by taking 4th overall in her class in Northern California. With college, surfing and wind surfing ahead for her, go-karts went by the way side. That was in 1983.

I had started a publication called Menstuff in 1982 with a lot of information for fathers and daughters. In 1994, everything was transferred to menstuff.org which allowed almost unlimited expansion of topics and information to where it is now the largest web site in the world on men's issues.

Then, along came Danica at Indianapolis in 2005. The following July, I was in Detroit the same weekend as the Indy Car race. I only had my Nikor F1 and a 43-86 zoom lens with me but requested and received press credentials anyway.

As I got back into racing, again, I started seeing a number of women who were doing quite well in different aspects of racing. Legge - Champ Cars, Halliday - ALMS (she wrote a column for us), Sampey- motorcycle drags, and more. I decided to start collecting information and setting up information to encourage dads to support their daughters if they wanted to participate in the male-dominated area of motor sports and support daughters in doing what their daughters want to do. The site has grow to where we now list, as of 5/1/10, over 1,800 women in racing and give any woman who has or is racing against men a page of her own, free. (See Home Page photo hot links.)

I've also received credentials to photograph most areas of motorsports (Indy Cars, Champ Cars, American Le-Mans, Formula Drift, Formula Ford 2000, Speed World Challenge, Historic NASCAR, NASCAR, Formula TR, Formula BMW, the Mazda MX-5 Cup races, Grand Am, Rolex, just about anything except the NHRA. (NHRA never accepted my press application, which is a shame since there are so many girls/women racing in that sport but being on the outside, it's difficult to find them.)

If you find a "Photo Gallery" for any of the women we list, I took those photos. Because of the need for a quick up-load to the web, we've reduced the clarity to 72 DPI, which accounts for less sharpness than the originals.

In July, 2006, we decided to set up a separate access to this information and developed www.WomenInRacing.org . If you know a girl/woman who has or is currently racing against boys/men, let her know about us. And, if that person is you and you can't find your name here, or want to add additional information, fill out the form here.

Hope you enjoy this free service and we'd love to hear your comments!

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