Car Chief of NASCAR Nationwide Series Car #09


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Occupation Car Chief of NASCAR Nationwide Series Car #09
Location Wye Mills, Maryland
Introduction: I used to get paid to make race cars go. Now I get paid to make race cars stop. Stunt Woman, Mechanic, Writer and Passionate Seeker of Life Points.


Ashley tested for the 2010 ARCA Racing Series at Daytona. She was the 6th fastest woman and 45th out of 60 drivers.


RAB Racing's Ashley Parlett Featured in November Sporting News

Concord, NC (10-27-09) – Ashley Parlett, RAB Racing’s Brake and Suspension specialist on the No. 09 Zaxby’s Ford in the NASCAR Nationwide Series was featured in the November edition of Sporting News “50 Most Beautiful People in NASCAR”.

Parlett, a 26-year-old Wye Mills, MD native grew up racing open-wheel sprint cars. She built every car she ever raced and when the time came to grow up and get a job she didn’t venture far from her roots. Parlett has worked for RAB Racing for two years and continues to be one of only a few female mechanics in the NASCAR Nationwide Series garage.

Racing History:

In 1997 raced with the World Karting Association (WKA) 1998 - 2000 raced 250cc Micro Sprints throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware 2001- 358 Limited Sprints and 360 URC Sprints

2001 - Currently racing with the United Racing Club (a traveling circuit of 360cu. in. sprint cars reaching tracks from FL to Canada and as far West as Iowa)

Hobbies (when not racing): Waterskiing and working on other race cars (in the past I have been hired as a tire specialist for a 410 World of Outlaw sprint car team)

I have been involved in auto racing since I was 13 years old. I truly fell in love with the sport when I turned my first lap in a 5 horsepower go-kart. My life ever since has been consumed with racing. When I was 14 years old I chose to push myself through school going year-round for nearly two years. I graduated with straight A's one week after my 17th birthday. I did this so I could go racing 3 times a weekend rather than twice.

I also began building and maintaining every car I have ever raced at age 13. I soon found a job at Wes Hastings Racing (one of the leading 250cc engine builders on the east coast) where I learned how to build 2 stroke engines. And soon began building my own 250's. I was and am always eager to know everything about the car I am driving in order to gain an advantage over my fellow racers.

That idea proved to be an advantage when we began winning races back to back in several different states. When I first started racing full sized sprints I got an apprenticeship at CEMCO (specializing in land and sea racing engines) where I began building my own 358 limited sprint motors. Everything I do with my life is centered around racing and my passion to be successful in my sport.

I recently moved to North Carolina from Maryland leaving my family and dirt-track races cars behind to pursue a chance at big time auto racing. To keep my racing skills sharp I plan to return to Maryland 8 times this season to challenge the United Racing Club when they are in Delaware.

I have been back to Maryland to race once already. And yes we were fast! Due to the handicapping I have to start at the rear of every qualifying and feature event with the club which proved to be no problem as we flew through cars the entire night but came up one car shy of winning the Hard Charger Award for the night. I return there June 4th and plan on having even better results since I have so much to prove. I also attend Buck Baker Racing School this weekend at Rockingham.

Since I have been one of the few women sprint car drivers on the east coast I am well aware of the importance of public relations. I have done all of my own public relations since I was 17 years old. When I graduated high school I attended Chesapeake College for two semesters studying Public Relations and Communications. I speak well at public engagements and work hard in the gym to make sure I represent myself as a competitive athlete.


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