The Conlin sisters and teammate Lynsey Tilton took 16th out of 55 at the 200 Endurance Go-Kart race, one spot behind Tomas Scheckter (15th) and ahead of Heather Bloyd (26th), Sarah Fisher (31st), Katherine Legge (31), Dan Weldom (34), and Scott Dixon (35).


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Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Started Racing in: 2003
First Win: May, 2004

Originally serving as Crew Chief for her sister Dana, Tracy's role on the team changed dramatically in 2003 as she took her turn behind the wheel. Taking over the team's 4-cycle kart as her sister moved up to 2-cycle, she adapted well, quickly getting speed out of her kart and mixing it up with the seasoned regulars. Throughout the season she fought for fourth place in the standings against drivers with far more experience.

Tracy is enrolled at Columbus State Community College pursuing a degree in nursing. She runs regularly for personal fitness. She plays flute in her church praise group and for her own enjoyment. Her talent for flute has been called exceptional. Five days a week she puts on a set of scrubs for her job as a Patient Care Technician at Physicians Health Center in Hilliard. When she finds a little leisure time she enjoys video games, concerts, movies and hanging out with her friends.


In 2004 Tracy joined her sister in the 2-cycle ranks with the team's second Biesse Viper in the Super Can class. Early in the season she established herself as one of the championship contenders and recorded an outstanding season finishing second in the popular and competitive Mid State Ohio Kart Club Super Can class.

Tracy moved up the performance ladder again in 2005, taking over the team's HPV entry when her sister moved up to TaG. With very little pre-season testing, Tracy made the most of what she had, recording 4 race wins on the way to a fifth in the MSOKC Spec 100 category. She also had no trouble adjusting to the additional power and acceleration of the team's TaG entry as she teamed up with her sister for the TaG 200 endurance race at New Castle Motorsports Park.

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